Wednesday, 29 June 2011




Indianapolis, IN……..James Robertson of Indianapolis, Ind. and Sam McGhee of Camby, Ind. claimed USAC feature victories in Wednesday night’s :Elite 8” series at the Bryant Heating & Cooling Indianapolis Speedrome. Robertson passed Joey Greening on lap six and led the final 45 laps of the Midwest Ford Focus feature in his Duane & Sonja Alexander Beast to beat Ross Rankine, Nick Hamilton, Austin Prock and Shane MacMillan. In the accompanying Focus Young Guns race, McGhee grabbed the lead on the second lap and led the rest of the way. Stevie Kuhn passed Cooper Clouse for second on the 29th lap and Adam Thomason and Emmy Gray rounded out the top-five.


FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1.Shane MacMillan (#43 Fedrizzi), 2. Toby Alfrey (#5 Alfrey), 3. Ross Rankine (#9 Nine Racing), 4. Nick Hamilton (#33 Hamilton), 5. Davey Hamilton Jr. (#60 Hamilton), 6. Kent Kriegbaum (#12 Kriegbaum). 2:04.35


SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Austin Prock (#96 Brown/Noffsinger), 2. Jarett Andretti (#25 Andretti), 3. James Robertson (#1 Steele), 4. Joey Greening (#17G Greening), 5. Jessica Bean (#3 Bean). 1:51.11


FEATURE: (50 laps) 1. James Robertson, 2. Ross Rankine, 3. Nick Hamilton, 4. Austin Prock, 5. Shane MacMillan, 6. Toby Alfrey, 7. Joey Greening, 8. Kent Kriegbaum, 9. Jarett Andretti, 10. Davey Hamilton Jr., 11. Jessica Bean. NT



FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-5 Greening, Laps 6-50 Robertson.


NEW USAC MIDWEST FORD FOCUS POINTS: 1-Rankine-352; 2-Alfrey-279; 3-Andretti-277 4-Robertson-250; 5-Bean-248; 6-Greening-247; 7-Tyler Shullick-205; 8-Nick Drake-203; 9-Prock-185; 10-N.Hamilton-178.


NEXT USAC MIDWEST FORD FOCUS RACE: July 2 – Morris, IL – Grundy County Speedway




USAC MIDWEST FOCUS YOUNG GUNS  RESULTS: June 29, 2011 – Indianapolis, Indiana – Bryant Heating & Cooling Indianapolis Speedrome – “Elite 8 Series”


HEAT RACE: (10 laps) 1. Sam McGhee (#11 McGhee), 2. Cooper Clouse (#14 Clouse), 3. Stevie Kuhn (#74 Kuhn), 4. Adam Thomason (#39 Rankine), 5. Emmy Gray (#14x Gray). 2:08.73


FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Sam McGhee, 2. Stevie Kuhn, 3. Cooper Clouse, 4. Adam Thomason, 5. Emmy Gray. NT



FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lap 1 Kuhn, Laps 2-30 McGhee.


NEW USAC MIDWEST FOCUS YOUNG GUNS POINTS: 1-McGhee-335; 2-Clouse-257; 3-Kuhn-242; 4-Tyler Shullick-137; 5-Thomason-114; 6-Mikell McGee-113; 7-Gray-106; 8-Justen Garmenn-105; 9-Ty Rose-58; 10-Michael Fanelli-51.


NEXT USAC MIDWEST FOCUS YOUNG GUNS RACE: July 2 – Morris, IL – Grundy County Speedway