Tuesday, 11 July 2017


USAC Speed2 Western US Dirt Midget point leader Tom Paterson (#9). USAC Speed2 Western US Dirt Midget point leader Tom Paterson (#9). Joe Shivak Imagery


Five USAC Speed2 Midget series swing into action this week, with seven races in five states.

Jesse Love IV and Tom Paterson will lead the USAC Western US Midgets to The Dirt Track at Kern County Raceway Park in Bakersfield, Calif. Friday and Ventura (Calif.) Raceway Saturday.

Jessica Bean tops the Eastern standings as the series heads for Friday’s event at Wake County Speedway in Raleigh, N.C. and Saturday’s show at Southern National Motorsports Park in Kenly, N.C.

Adam Whitney sits atop the DMA Midget points entering Saturday’s “double points race” “Shirley & Mickey Bruleigh Memorial” race at Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, Vt.

Dillon Morley is the IMRA Midget leader going into Saturday’s “Gerald Denney Memorial” race at Spoon River Speedway in Canton, Ill. while Aaron Leffel leads the Midwest Thunder series back to Montpelier (Ind.) Motor Speedway Saturday.

Chase McDermand of Springfield, Ill. led all 15 laps to win last Saturday night’s USAC Speed2 IMRA Midget feature at 34 Raceway in Burlington, Iowa. Tyson Hart, series point leader Morley, Adam Taylor and Jacob Sollenberger rounded out the top-five at the finish.


2017 USAC Speed2 Eastern Midget Series Standings: 1-Jessica Bean-574, 2-George Kurtz-567, 3-Nolan Allison-526, 4-Jake Trainor-389, 5-Jagger Parker-379, 6-Neal Allison-355, 7-Sam Hatfield-320, 8-Chris Lamb-310, 9-Eric Lewis-282, 10-Nick McFarland-195.

2017 USAC Speed2 Midwest Thunder Midget Series Standings: 1-Aaron Leffel-265, 2-Corey Bedwell-226, 3-Stratton Briggs-218, 4-Nick Corea-202, 5-Korbyn Hayslett-177, 6-Alex Watson-171, 7-Tommy Bigelow-150, 8-Tom Hessel-133, 9-Gunnar Lucius-131, 10-Jim Jones-118.

2017 USAC Speed2 DMA Midget Series Standings: 1-Adam Whitney-427, 2-Dean Christensen-419, 3-Joe Krawiec-399, 4-Derek O’Hearn-381, 5-Manny Dias-365, 6-Jeff Champagne-334, 7-Andy Barrows-323, 8-Jeff Horn-313, 9-Seth Carlson-233, 10-Jake Higginson-179.

2017 USAC Speed2 IMRA Midget Series Standings: 1-Dillon Morley-812, 2-Adam Taylor-773, 3-Chase McDermand-753, 4-Jeremy Hull-738, 5-Jacob Sollenberger-597, 6-Tyson Hart-493, 7-Broc Hunnell-487, 8-Gedd Ross-462, 9-Brent Burrows-458, 10-Kurt Mueller-373.

2017 USAC Speed2 Western US Overall Midget Series Standings: 1-Jesse Love IV-686, 2-Annie Breidinger-655, 3-Tom Paterson-636, 4-Adam Lemke-578, 5-Blake Brannon-531, 6-Toni Breidinger-317, 7-Antonia Boscacci-288, 8-Joey Iest-268, 9-Johnny Nichols-230, 10-Cody Jessop-171.

2017 USAC Speed2 Western US Pavement Midget Series Standings: 1-Jesse Love IV-391, 2-Annie Breidinger-368, 3-Tom Paterson-328, 4-Toni Breidinger-317, 5-Blake Brannon & Adam Lemke-282, 7-Joey Iest-268, 8-Johnny Nichols-230, 9-Antonia Boscacci-206, 10-Cody Jessop-111.

2017 USAC Speed2 Western US Dirt Midget Series Standings: 1-Tom Paterson-308, 2-Adam Lemke-296, 3-Jesse Love IV-295, 4-Annie Breidinger-287, 5-Blake Brannon-249, 6-Antonia Boscacci-82, 7-David Prickett-71, 8-Terry Nichols-70, 9-Joel Rayborne-67, 10-Cody Jessop-60.