Tuesday, 22 August 2017



The MLS and MMSA were the two groups that completed sanctioned events over the weekend. They are also the two groups who have surpassed the ten-race mark. Racers with more than ten races will now be tossing out their two lowest finishes as they complete in a total of twelve sanctioned events. Andy Bradley closed the gap on Rod Henning by twenty points with his win at Paragon on Saturday in the Don Dorsett Memorial. Rod retains the top spot by 355 points with two sanctioned events left to run.

Tom Brown moves up one spot in USAC National Points to the 3rd position after a second-place finish at Valley Speedway with the MLS. This is Tom’s ninth recorded points race in a MLS schedule that has completed 11 races of the 19 slated. Five of those 19 are remaining. The completed race tally stands at:

MLS: 11 races

MMSA: 10 races

CLS: 7 races

RMLSA: 5 races

Ryan Secrest and Brandon Smith also had movement on the leader board. Ryan jumping two spots and Brandon up one, both inside the top ten. The top 20 in points is an equal mix among all of the sanctioned groups. Currently the CLS has eight drivers inside the top twenty with the MMSA having four, which is equal to the MLS with four, and the RMSLA scoring four as well. The top twenty in points standings are:



1. Rod Henning - 2690

2. Andy Bradley - 2335

3. Tom Brown - 2090

4. Justin Lewis - 1970

5. Ryan Secrest - 1760

6. Jarrett Kramer - 1640

7. Aiden Lange - 1630

8. Bobby Michnowicz - 1450

9. Brandon Smith - 1350

10. Cody Nigh - 1300

11. Johnny Boos - 1130

12. Steve Becker - 1000

13. Frank Martinez - 960

14. Jon Robertson - 960

15. Wyatt Downing - 890

16. Jason Billups - 880

17. Eric Greco, Jr. - 730

18. Troy Ullery - 730

19. Brent Sexton - 700

20. Kyle Lewis - 700


A complete list of points standings as of 8/21/17 can be viewed at: http://usacracing.com/standings/lightning-sprints

Hoosier Tire is one of the many sponsors who have pledged support for this new series through a multi-year relationship. Cars are required to use Hoosier tires on all four corners during USAC-sanctioned Lightning Sprint events. Speedway Motors—America’s oldest speed shop—is the title sponsor with a myriad of other sponsoring companies, including AFCO, CSI, PRO Shocks, My Race Pass, Saldana Race Products, Aeromotive, Weld, Rod End Supply, Hoosier Speed, Outlaw Wings, Racing Optics, and EMi.