Tuesday, 28 May 2019


Winner Brad Strunk Winner Brad Strunk


The place was Wayne County Raceway in Wayne City, Illinois. This would be the first ever visit the 1/5-mile dirt track in southern Illinois for the Midwest Mini Sprint Association.

The fans would not be disappointed, 20 MMSA lightning sprints made tow. The slate would be 3 ten lap heat races and the 20-lap feature event.

Heat one saw Anthony Hass and Cody Trammel dual it out for the victory in the first of 3 heats. Cody would be successful at his bid to be the first MMSA lightning sprint to take the checkers at Wayne County Raceway. Top 3 in heat one Trammell, Haas, and one of the newest MMSA members, Logan Anderson.

Heat 2 saw a very talented sprint car racer Terry Babb jump aboard a lightning sprint to lead a very stacked heat race. Stacked race must say again the heat race went from green to checkers and could have thrown a blanket over the entire field. Babb would lead the field to checkers with Brad Strunk, Brandon Coffey, Ryan Barr, Brandon Smith and Dylan Moan all in tow.

Heat 3 saw yet another new MMSA member strut his stuff. Tres Mehler would start in position 1 and finish in position 1, with veteran Travis Stickels, and Keith Langley hot on his tail.

All 20 cars would make the call come feature time. Many wondered if the 5m machine would return for the feature event. Ira McGill during the hot lap action bicycled in turn 1 and had a very scary flip into the turn 1-2 catch fence. As the McGill ride flipped everyone could hear the throttle stick wide open as he came crashing back down onto the track.

As seen many times in the past, many MMSA drivers helped McGill get his ride repaired in time for the feature event.

Haas and Langley would lead the field to the green in row one, row two had Strunk and Mehler, and row 3 Baugh and Trammell with most passing points filling that row.

Haas would jump out front for several laps as Strunk made quick work getting to him. Strunk would overhaul Haas and put a stranglehold on the top spot for the remaining circuits. Following Strunk to the checkers would be, Haas, Trammell, Langley, Coffey, Barr, Moan, Rutherford, Smith, and Deputy. This would be Strunk's second victory in the 2019 season and holding that top spot in the Chase for the Hoosier Tire/MMSA Championship!

MMSA is idle this coming weekend but has a three-night stent for their own Lightning Sprint Week alongside the USAC midget week on Thursday June 6th Lincoln Park Speedway, Friday June 7th Bloomington Speedway and will end Lightning Sprint Week at Tri-State Speedway on June 8th to crown the Lightning Sprint Week Champion.


USAC MIDWEST MINI SPRINT ASSOCIATION RACE RESULTS: May 26, 2019 – Wayne County Speedway – Wayne City, Illinois

HEAT WINNERS: Cody Trammell, Terry Babb & Tres Mehler


FEATURE: 1. Brad Strunk, 2. Anthony Haas, 3. Cody Trammell, 4. Keith Langley, 5. Brandon Coffey, 6. Ryan Barr, 7. Dylan Moan, 8. Ethan Rutherford, 9. Brandon Smith, 10. Brandon Deputy, 11. Terry Babb, 12. Casey Meyer, 13. Logan Anderson, 14. Cody Beard, 15. Raymond Holden, 16. Mike Farr, 17. Kinser Medler, 18. Tres Mehler, 19. Travis Stickles, 20. Ira McGill. NT

NEW USAC MIDWEST MINI SPRINT ASSOCIATION POINTS: 1-Brad Strunk-121, 2-Cody Trammell-115, 3-Ethan Rutherford-90, 4-Keith Langley-89, 5-Brandon Coffey-67, 6-Anthony Haas-86, 7-Ryan Barr-81, 8-Brandon Deputy-65, 9-Kinser Medler-61, 10-Dylan Moan-57.