Tuesday, 28 May 2019


Winner Cody Trammell Winner Cody Trammell


Sunday night at Tri-State Speedway for the second race of the special weekend had 25 MMSA entries take the green flag on the 1/4 dirt track in Haubstadt, IN. The crowd would enjoy 3 preliminaries to set the field for the 20-lap feature event.

Heat one would see young Jaylon Mills, out of Winslow IN, get the jump on the field in his Mills Powder Coating, Crate Enterprises, Triple J Hauling, Lugnutz Bar and Grille, and Dutchtown Homes hot rod. He would take heat one with a green to checkered victory to claim his first win with MMSA. Following Jaylon across the line would be Cody Trammell, and Cindy Chambers to complete the first of three preliminaries.

Heat two, Ohio's Brad Strunk would keep his winning streak alive and well by taking the second preliminary by storm after starting in row three. With his Parsons Construction backed ride, dominating heat win would stake him with most passing points for the evening’s preliminaries. Following Strunk to the line would be Dylan Moan, and Anthony Haas.

Heat three saw another racer throwing his hat into the ring and making a statement that he is here to make some noise and is ready to taste the thrill of victory. Evansville IN, Ethan Rutherford drove his Yonkers, Henchcraft, AFCO Products, and Speedway Motors lightning sprint to the front and set sail on the field. He would win his preliminary by nearly a straightaway over Keith Langley and Kinzer Medler.

With heat races in the rearview mirror, the stage is now set for the 25 Lightning Sprints to saddle up for a 20-lap feature event. The field would take the green flag with Keith Langley and Dylan Moan in row one and a stacked field ready to pounce behind them.

Moan would jump to the front to lead the first 3 circuits, with Strunk, Langley, Rutherford and Trammel in tow.

Lap 4 saw Strunk work his magic to take over the top spot for the next 11 laps. His magic was working great until he caught the tail end of the field. With many entries taking the green, lap markers would make it quite interesting for the leaders.

Strunk would work the traffic in true great fashion, but as he was focused on the back markers this left time for second place Cody Trammell to chew into his lead. Strunk would go high, then he would go low, passing cars at will, until....Strunk caught a gaggle of cars running 2 and three-wide. Trammell saw this was his time to make the move. Bringing the fans to their feet with the pass. With Strunk low, Trammel shot high in turns 1 and 2! As they continued out of 2, Trammell threaded the needle between 2 back markers and Strunk to jump out front. This left Strunk racing even harder to recapture the top spot.

The caution would fly on lap 15 to give just that opportunity that he needed, but Cody Trammell was just a tick better on the last five laps to claim his first feature of 2019. Top ten in Sunday’s event were Trammell, Strunk, Schindler, Moan, Langley, Mehler, Rutherford, Smith, Parker, and Barr.

MMSA is idle this coming weekend but has a three-night stint for their own Lightning Sprint Week alongside the USAC midget week on Thursday June 6th Lincoln Park Speedway, Friday June 7th Bloomington Speedway and will end Lightning Sprint Week at Tri-State Speedway on June 8th to crown the Lightning Sprint Week Champion.


USAC MIDWEST MINI SPRINT ASSOCIATION RACE RESULTS: May 26, 2019 – Tri-State Speedway – Haubstadt, Indiana

HEAT WINNERS (10 laps): Jaylon Mills, Brad Strunk & Ethan Rutherford


FEATURE (20 laps): 1. Cody Trammell, 2. Brad Strunk, 3. Jeff Schindler, 4. Dylan Moan, 5. Keith Langley, 6. Tres Mehler, 7. Ethan Rutherford, 8. Brandon Smith, 9. Dean Parker, 10. Ryan Barr, 11. Kinser Mehler, 12. Brandon Coffey, 13. Cindy Chambers, 14. Chris Baumeyer, 15. Kyle Helsley, 16. Josh Hixson, 17. Logan Anderson, 18. Travis Stickels, 19. Casey Meyer, 20. Raymond Holden, 21. Anthony Haas, 22. Ira McGill, 23. Brandon Deputy, 24. Jaylon Mills.