Sunday, 14 July 2019


Winner Andy Baugh (Mason City, Ill.) Winner Andy Baugh (Mason City, Ill.) Joe Putnam photo


Canton, Illinois (July 6, 2019)………Andy Baugh returned to his winning ways in Saturday night’s USAC Engler IMRA Speed2 Midget event at Spoon River Speedway.

Baugh, the defending series champ out of Mason City, Ill., earned his fourth IMRA win at Spoon River in 2019 after moving to the lead past fellow Mason City-ite Karter Sarff with six laps remaining.  From there, Baugh drove away to the victory over Shane Morgan, Jake Sollenberger, Brent Burrows and Kevin Battefeld.

Meanwhile, Sarff, who led the first 14 circuits, finished 15th.

Baugh’s victory ended a two-race streak in which he was not victorious at Spoon River following wins in the first three of the events this year.  Korey Weyant won at the end of June and Patrick Bruns took the victory to begin July.  Bruns finished 19th on Saturday.


USAC ENGLER IMRA SPEED2 MIDGET RACE RESULTS: July 13, 2019 – Spoon River Speedway – Canton, Illinois

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Tyler Roth (#18R Roth), 2. Tori Smith (#18 Canham), 3. Jeff Sparks (#55 Sparks), 4. Trent Ross (#51R Johnson), 5. James Picardi (#127 Picardi), 6. Russell Johnston (#0 Johnston), 7. Stephanie Sparks (#27 Sparks). NT

SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Karter Sarff (#24 Hull), 2. Kevin Battefeld (#42 Battefeld), 3. Brent Burrows (#51 Terry), 4. Mark McMahill (#57 McMahill), 5. Shane Morgan (#15 Morgan), 6. John Heitzman (#43 Heitzman), 7. Jace Sparks (#40s Sparks). NT

THIRD HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Andy Baugh (#37 Raymond), 2. Jake Sollenberger (#5 Utsinger), 3. Patrick Bruns (#7x Mahan), 4. Patrick Ryan (#23 Ryan), 5. Daltyn England (#19E England), 6. Blake Haynes (#9B Haynes), 7. John Springer (#3 Springer). NT

FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Andy Baugh, 2. Shane Morgan, 3. Jake Sollenberger, 4. Brent Burrows, 5. Patrick Ryan, 6. Kevin Battefeld, 7. Tori Smith, 8. Mark McMahill, 9. Daltyn England, 10. Jeff Sparks, 11. Russell Johnston, 12. John Heitzman, 13. Stephanie Sparks, 14. Jace Sparks, 15. Karter Sarff, 16. James Picardi, 17. Trent Ross, 18. Tyler Roth, 19. Patrick Bruns. NT

**James Picardi flipped during the feature.


FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-14 Karter Sarff, Laps 15-20 Andy Baugh.

NEW USAC ENGLER IMRA SPEED2 MIDGET POINTS: 1-Andy Baugh-512, 2-Tyler Roth-413, 3-Jake Sollenberger-402, 4-Mark McMahill-379, 5-Patrick Ryan-358, 6-Daltyn England-347, 7-Brent Burrows-342, 8-Shane Morgan-326, 9-Russell Johnston-300, 10-Jeff Sparks-299.

NEXT USAC ENGLER IMRA SPEED2 MIDGET RACE: July 20 – Spoon River Speedway – Canton, Illinois