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Saturday, 29 August 2020


Jake Swanson (Anaheim, Calif.) Jake Swanson (Anaheim, Calif.) Brandon Murray Photo


Kokomo, Indiana (August 29, 2020)………Kyle Cummins, winner of the first two nights of Smackdown IX at Kokomo (Ind.) Speedway, leads the Smackdown standings entering Saturday’s event finale at the quarter-mile dirt oval on August 29.

Points are accumulated throughout qualifying, the prelim events and the feature.  Drivers who are in the top-8 of the standings following Friday’s second round of Smackdown IX will clinch an automatic starting spot in Saturday’s $11,000-to-win feature event.

Cummins is at the head of the class in terms of points after the first two nights of Smackdown IX, and is one of eight drivers locked into Saturday night’s 40-lap feature event along with Brady Bacon, Buddy Kofoid, Thomas Meseraull, Tyler Courtney, Chase Stockon, Chris Windom and C.J. Leary.

Those same eight drivers will participate in the B & W Auto Mart “King of the Hill” on Saturday night at Kokomo, which pits eight total cars in a tournament, bracket style format.  Two cars will face off against each other at a time for three laps, carving the field down to the final two drivers who’ll duke it out for a chance to win the pole position for Saturday’s A-Main and a check for $418.29 from B & W for their efforts.

The remaining seven cars will slot in the remaining seven starting positions in the first four rows of Saturday’s feature based on how far they advanced in “King of the Hill.”

All drivers ninth in points and below had their best individual point night of each of the two previous nights of racing count as their official point total.  These drivers will compete in Saturday’s Qualifying Race events and will have to transfer their way into the feature.

On Saturday night, front and pit gates open at 3pm ET, drivers meeting at 5:30pm and cars on track at 6pm.  BOSS Sprint Cars join the event card for the Saturday night program.

Adult general admission tickets are $35 on Saturday with children age 12 and under free in general admission seats only.  Pit passes are $45.  Spectator tickets available at the gate. Pit passes are available at

You can watch all three nights of Smackdown IX LIVE on FloRacing at



(After Race #2 of 3 - Top-8 locked into Saturday night's feature)

1. Kyle Cummins-697

2. Brady Bacon-666

3. Buddy Kofoid-654

4. Thomas Meseraull-646

5. Tyler Courtney-633

6. Chase Stockon-631

7. Chris Windom-625

8. C.J. Leary-608


9. Robert Ballou-337

10. Logan Seavey-317

11. Dave Darland-306

12. Tyler Thomas-304

13. Jake Swanson-303

14. Carson Short-303

15. Kevin Thomas Jr. -301

16. Clinton Boyles-293

17. Charles Davis Jr. -292

18. Bill Balog-287

19. Shane Cottle-284

20. Damion Gardner-280

21. Justin Grant-277

22. Stevie Sussex-271

23. Brandon Mattox-262

24. Anthony D'Alessio-262

25. Matt Westfall-262

26. Jadon Rogers-208

27. Colten Cottle-197

28. Eddie Tafoya Jr. -196

29. Dakota Jackson-195

30. Max Adams-195

31. Cole Ketcham-194

32. Noah Gass-192

33. Tye Mihocko-186

34. Sterling Cling-186

35. Austin Williams-185

36. Chase Jones-177

37. Matt Goodnight-170

38. Brian VanMeveren-164

39. Cole Bodine-161

40. Cody Gardner-159

41. Kyle Shipley-159

42. Brayden Fox-156

43. Max Guilford-150

44. Dustin Smith-148

45. Chris Phillips-147

46. Dustin Clark-133

47. Brandon Long-126

48. Jack James-119

49. Robert Brown Jr.-108

50. David Hair-98

51. Robert Bell-70