Silver Crown
Tuesday, 8 May 2018



May 8, 2018


Speedway Indoor Karting 1067 Main Street, Speedway, IN 46224


It's the 21st Annual 3-Hour ProAm Karting race benefiting the USAC Benevolent Foundation. The Foundation's mission is to provide financial assistance to injured or needy auto racing participants and their families.  Both courses at SIK will be closed to open karting starting at 4pm but the facility will be open to the public if anyone would like to watch the race and help out the wonderful cause.

See many of your favorite USAC stars and racers from various disciplines compete for the title.  Among the entered team captain drivers are C.J. Leary, Aaron Pierce, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Justin Marvel, Doug Boles and Chase Barber. 



5:00PM - Doors open

6:10PM - Driver’s Meeting

6:25PM - 3 Hour Endurance Race Green Flag

7:55PM - Half way break [Karts will be fueled]

8:10PM - Green flag for second half of race

9:40PM - Checkered Flag

9:45PM - Awards

10:00PM - Doors close

● Each team (10 teams at most) will consist of 5-8 competitors

● Each team will have a representative draw for their primary kart  

● Each team will have a representative draw for starting position (1-10)

● Backup karts will be used at the discretion of an SIK representative due to mechanical failure (clutch wear, flat tire, brake issues, etc.). These karts will be staged and ready for use in the far left pit lane.

● Minimum driver stint duration - 15 minutes

● Maximum driver stint duration - 40 minutes


● 8 mandatory pit-stops (driver changes at each) will take place during the race.

● 4 pit-stops before the 90 minute mark (half way), 4 pit-stops after half way. 

● A pit-stop (from the time driver 1 gets out, to driver 2 pulling away), will last 35 seconds. A SIK representative will hold the kart in the pitlane with a stopwatch for that duration.

● There will be no pitting under yellow.  

● Seat belts must remain fastened and tightened until kart comes to a complete stop, then an SIK representative will unbuckle driver 1 and buckle driver 2. 

● If a seat belt is seen loosened or unbuckled before kart is stopped, a 10 second time penalty will be placed after new driver is in place at pit exit.

● Besides the driver getting in and the driver getting out, no other team representative will be allowed in the “hot pit”.

● If an orange cone is hit on entry to the pit lane, a 10 second time penalty will be placed after new driver is in place at pit exit ● Pit lanes 2 (middle) and 3 (west towards lobby) will be used for driver changes

● Pitlane speed limit is as close to a walking pace as possible.

● If a driver is caught speeding in pitlane, a 10 second time penalty will be added on to the end of the team’s driver change.


● A rolling start will take place on the back stretch (underneath second level straightaway) after 2 pace laps.

● Another rolling start will take place on the back stretch for the start of the second half of the race. The kart order coming to green will be identical to the order of how the karts took the first half checkered flag. (Lapped cars could be mixed in)

● At the discretion of SIK management, a full course yellow will be thrown if a large crash were to occur in the chicane or downhill portion of the track.  Yellow lights will appear and the leader must slow to a walking pace for the field to pack up. The race will return to green at the cone on the back stretch.

● When coming to the green flag, the yellow lights will go from solid to flashing.

● Drivers must slow to a slow jogging pace when a local yellow (corner yellow) is thrown.

● Aggressive driving (judgement call made by track corner marshal) will result in a 10 second time penalty at time of driver change or added on at the end of regulation time if the offense occurs during the team’s final stint

● If a driver is caught reaching for the throttle arm assembly on the motor, a one lap penalty (held in the pits) will be served immediately.

Notes: ● No outside food or drinks are allowed in SIK. 1911 Grill is located in the building and carryout will be available throughout the night. Please see the hostess stand for ordering. Bottled water can be brought in by participants.