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Silver Crown
Friday, 31 August 2018


#56 Kevin Thomas, Jr. #56 Kevin Thomas, Jr. Rich Forman Photo


By: Jay Hardin – Track Enterprises Staff

Du Quoin, Illinois………USAC Silver Crown Champ Car racing and the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds together are dripping with history.  Here’s a look at some quick, fast facts to get you ready for the Sunday, September 2 “Ted Horn 100” from Du Quoin.



*With an entry list of near 40 drivers expected to compete in Sunday’s race, a last chance, qualifying race is on the schedule.  It would be the first such race at Du Quoin since September 3, 2006.

*The record for entries is 63 in 1996, the record for cars on the grounds is 58, also in 1996.

*Last year saw a record 24 cars listed as running at the finish.

*The “Ted Horn 100” has averaged 3 cautions and 1 red flag per event since 1970.

*In the last six “Ted Horn 100” races, the winner has started in the top 10, including twice from 9th and twice from 5th.

*In the last six races, the pole winner has finished in the top 10 in all six, but never won.

*Jackie Burke is the oldest “Ted Horn 100” starter at 70 in 2016.  Austin Nemire is the youngest at 16 in 2015.  Both are entered this year.

*Cars carrying the number 2 have the most Du Quoin wins with 7.

*The one-lap track record was broken 11 times between 1957 and 1992, and 4 times between 1992 and 2004.

*Since 1996, a car going out 20th or later in the qualifying order has set fast time 10 times.

*Since 1996, the last car in the qualifying order has made the top 20 no less than 16 times.

*Since 1996, a qualifier has posted his official (fastest lap in two lap runs) on the second lap an average of 25 times.

*The hottest race day for a daytime “Ted Horn 100” was 100 degrees in 1954.

*The coolest “Ted Horn 100” for a night event (since 2003) was 64 degrees in 2003.

*Four times, the “Ted Horn 100” has been canceled due to rain, 1950, 1962, 2009 and 2012.  Two other times (1994 & 2003) it was postponed.  2012 remains the only year the entire race weekend was washed out.



1948: Lee Wallard

1948*: Johnnie Parsons

1949: Tony Bettenhausen

1951: Tony Bettenhausen

1951: Tony Bettenhausen

1952: Chuck Stevenson

1953: Sam Hanks

1954: Sam Hanks

1955: Jimmy Bryan

1956: Jimmy Bryan

1957: Jud Larson

1958: Johnny Thomson

1959: Rodger Ward

1960: A.J. Foyt

1961: A.J. Foyt

1963: A.J. Foyt

1964: A.J. Foyt

1965: Don Branson

1966: Bud Tingelstad

1967: A.J. Foyt

1968: Mario Andretti

1969: Al Unser

1970: Al Unser

1971: George Snider

1972*: Tom Bigelow

1972: A.J. Foyt

1973: Mario Andretti

1974: Mario Andretti

1975: Tom Bigelow

1976: Bubby Jones

1977: Tom Bigelow

1978: Pancho Carter

1979: Bill Vukovich

1980*: Gary Bettenhausen

1980: Gary Bettenhausen

1981: Rich Vogler

1982: Gary Bettenhausen

1983: Gary Bettenhausen

1984: Joe Saldana

1985: Rick Hood

1986: Jack Hewitt

1987: Jack Hewitt

1988: Gary Bettenhausen

1989: Chuck Gurney

1990: Jeff Swindell

1991: Stevie Reeves

1992: Johnny Parsons

1993: Jack Hewitt

1994: Chuck Gurney

1995: Johnny Parsons

1996: Chuck Gurney

1997: Russ Gamester

1998: Jimmy Sills

1999: Tony Elliott

2000: Kasey Kahne

2001: Paul White

2002: J.J. Yeley

2003: Rich Tobias, Jr.

2004: Tyler Walker

2005: Tracy Hines

2006: Tracy Hines

2007: Shane Cottle

2008: Brian Tyler

2010: Kody Swanson

2011: Kyle Larson

2013: Chris Urish

2014: Shane Cockrum

2015: Shane Cockrum

2016: Chris Windom

2017: Kody Swanson

*Additional Event



Pits and registration open at 1pm. The ticket office and grandstands open at 4pm.  Silver Crown practice runs from 5pm to 6:10pm.  Qualifying is set for 6:30pm.  The Qualifying race is scheduled for 7:15pm.  Pre-race ceremonies begin at 7:45pm with the 100-mile "Ted Horn 100" green flag set for 8:15pm.

Advance adult tickets are $25.  Advanced children 11 and under are $10.  On the day of the race, adult are $30.  Children 11 and under are $10.  Adult pit passes are $35 apiece.  Pit passes for children 11 and under are $20.

If you miss it live or want to watch all the action again, catch it one  http://www.Loudpedal.TV/ with on-demand coverage the very next day.  You can also listen to flag-to-flag coverage LIVE on the USAC app.