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Elma, WA……..Dougie James of Shoreline, Wash. finally found the winners circle Saturday night, winning the 25-lap USAC Washington HPD Midget feature at Grays Harbor Raceway. He caught Chase Goetz on the 19th lap and led the final seven circuits to beat Garrett Thomas, point leader Goetz, Hannah Lindquist and Chance Crum. Award winners included James (SpeedMart Hard Charger), Crum (Elma Lanes Pill Pick), Lindquist (Elma Auto Racing Hall of Fame Fast Time), Garrett Thomas (JOES Racing Move of the Night), Hartman (K & N Sportsman) and Biggs (Highline Performance Random App Pick).

HPD USAC WASHINGTON MIDGET RACE RESULTS: May 31, 2014 – Elma, Washington – Grays Harbor Raceway

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Hannah Lindquist (#3h), 2. Lance Sargent (#2a Sargent), 3. Michael Vollbrecht (#4 Vollbrecht), 4. Ariel Biggs (#2 Debakker), 5. Tristin Thomas (#9T Stewart), 6. Annika Johanson (#27 Johanson). NT

SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Chase Goetz (#91 Goetz), 2. Garrett Thomas (#14 Thomas), 3. Jeremy Miller (#46 Miller), 4. Dougie James (#29 James), 5. Chance Crum (#8 Crum), 6. Todd Hartman (#21 Harman). NT

FEATURE: (25 Laps) 1. Dougie James, 2. Garrett Thomas, 3. Chase Goetz, 4. Hannah Lindquist, 5. Chance Crum, 6. Michael Vollbrecht, 7. Todd Hartman, 8. Lance Sargent, 9. Ariel Biggs, 10. Jeremy Miller, 11. Tristin Thomas, 12. Annika Johanson. NT


FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-18 Goetz, Laps 19-25 James.

NEW HPD WASHINGTON MIDGET POINTS: 1-Goetz-195, 2-James-180, 3-Crum-175, 4-Biggs-153, 5-Vollbrecht-143, 6-Miller-141, 7-T.Thomas-140, 8-Lindquist-110, 9-G.Thomas-108, 10-Hartman-89.

NEXT HPD WASHINGTON MIDGET RACES: June 6 – Deming, WA – Deming Speedway (SE)

June 7 – Alger, WA – Skagit Speedway (points)