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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Congratulations to our 2014 USAC Honda .25 Midget Dirt National Champions!

2014 USAC Honda .25 Dirt Series Undoubtably a Great Success


The last checkered flag flew on the 2014 USAC Honda .25 Dirt Triple Crown National Championship Series at the finale at the South Jersey Club in Atco, NJ.  The 5 race “Dirt only Series” was a huge success! The majority of the USAC sanctioned dirt venues are geographically located in the upper North East and the dirt racers responded with great enthusiasm and big car counts, making it a great success.


Congratulations to your 2014 USAC Honda .25 Midget Dirt National Champions! Aleksander Andrecs (Junior Honda), Conner Weiss (Senior Honda), Zachary Curtis (Heavy Honda), Briggs Danner (Light 160), Hanna Flood (Heavy 160, Unrestricted Animal), Bradan Andrecs (Junior Animal), Mike Thompson (Senior Animal), Connor Gross (Light World Formula), Jesse James Bartleson (Heavy World Formula)


In the Jr Honda class, Alek Andrecs won the series over Blake Davis, Gregory Borgeson, twin brother Bradan Andrecs and Logan Bauman.  Sr Honda winner Conner Weiss bested 2nd place finisher Jared Edwards by 6 points only to have 3rd place Adrianna Delliponti, 4th place Tori O’Neal and 5th place Johnathon Galagher have a tie breaker decide their fate as they all earned 159 points.


Heavy Honda winner Zachary Curtis won by just 3 points over 2nd place Logan Snyder.  Third place was Zakery Vickers, 4th Joe Toth and Mathew Hopkins took 5th.

Honda Lt 160, as always, was very competitive with Briggs Danner finishing at the top by just 3 points over Andrew Layser.   Another 3 points separated 3rd place Johnathon Gallagher.  Connor Gross and Kane Rogers rounded out the top 5. 

Retiring driver, Hanna Flood took the Honda Hvy 160 championship over Zakery Vickers, Levi Crowl, Austin Bellemare and Zachary Curtis.


Briggs Jr Animal was won by Bradan Andrecs just 3 points ahead of his twin brother Alek.  Tanner Van Doren took 3rd while Bennett Skelton and Preston Lattomus rounded out the top 5.

 Sr Animal winner was first time USAC Series Champ Mike Thompson.  Briggs Danner and Andrew Layser 2nd and 3rd spots were decided by a tie-breaker as only 3 points separtated 4th place finisher Johnathan Gallagher as Connor Gross took 5th place.


The Briggs Un-Restricted Animal Class was won by Hanna Flood followed by Steven Kisamore, Joe Toth, Ray Kable and Keighley Saylor.  Connor Gross took the Briggs Lt World Formula championship by just 3 points over Briggs Danner.  Ray Kable finished a solid 3rd with the tie breaker deciding Brandon Shipley 4th and Mike Thompson 5th.  Briggs Hvy World Formula winner was Jesse James Bartleson.  The tie breaker decided 2nd place Levi Crowl, over 3rd place finisher Hanna Flood and just 3 points separated 4th place Seth Spayd and 5th place Steven Kisamore.


USAC would like to thank all of the Rookies that raced the 2014 USAC Honda .25 Dirt Tour this season.  “Each one of these beginning drivers are very important to the continued success of the USAC Program.”  James Fries, Michael Hoffmaster, Bobby Klein, Kiley Kupp, Lucas Kostic, Mason Mazzerle, Cody Doyle, Brody Mazzerle, Robert Goodman, Julia James, Colton Gerber, Jonathon Morehouse, Kaitlyn Stradley, Mikey Tansey, Austin Dean, PJ Bozowski, Sydney Mancini, Alex Williams, Mitchell Hamilton, Wyatt Burgess, Erika Heller, & Lucas Roberson.


We look forward to seeing the top 5 finishers in the series as they are honored at the USAC .25 Banquet, December, in conjunction with the PRI Show.