Friday, 6 March 2015


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Debi Supan

March 5, 2015


USAC Honda .25 National “Gen Next” Western Race Winners will Celebrate and a Charity will be the Benefactor


(Indianapolis) – The USAC Honda .25 Opener for the 2015 “Generation Next” National Series begins March 27th-28th at the Tucson Quarter Midget Club which sits just north of the city limits on I-10 in Tucson, AZ.  Proceeds from multiple events planned, will go towards Autism Awareness and Understanding.  Also unique for the drivers, will be the blue and white checked flags waving, as they cross the finish line at all of the Western National events this season.


We encourage our youngest USAC drivers while celebrating their own racing accomplishments, to help others less fortunate than themselves?. “That’s just one more phase of our USAC .25 Program,” said Director, Kyle McCain.  “We are interested in building well-rounded champions and youngsters for their future, whatever that may be.   


The month of April is designated as National Autism Awareness Month.  This ‘hits home’ for Aaron Likens, the Official USAC .25 Flagman.  At the age of 20, Aaron was diagnosed with Asperger’s.  Since then, his career and passion is spending time building awareness of Asperger’s Syndrome, as the Autism Ambassador for Easter Seals Midwest.  He supplies training for teachers, parents, police officers and student bodies.


Aaron will be providing a blue and white-checkered flag for the Western .25 National events. This will include Round 1 at Tucson, Round 2, Circuits of America , April 17-19 in Austin, TX and Round 3, in San Antonio, April 24-26.  


All participants may purchase raffle tickets for $5 each or 5 for $20 at Sign-In and at Victory Lane Ceremonies.  Main event winners will sign the flag and one lucky family will take home a piece of USAC .25 history.  Families and friends can help by putting their name on one of the puzzle pieces, which will hang on the Tucson Tower for the event.


“With the rate of autism now at 1 in 68 it truly is a race to raise awareness and understanding,” commented Likens.  More information can be found at



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