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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Engine Tech Update - June 16


 Engine Tech Update - June 16


USAC is currently reviewing the recently discovered crankcase evacuation systems found on some .25 midget engines.  The USAC Representative from each club will be getting feedback from their respective clubs on this subject. Upon further investigation, research and feedback back from the representatives, USAC will announce a final ruling.


In the spirit of fair competition, as of June 16, 2009 all types of crankcase evacuation systems are disallowed pending a thorough investigation and official ruling. The use of these systems will result in disqualification and discipline per section 732 Engine Suspension Rules of the 2009 .25 Midget Division Technical Specifications APPENDIX I. This will be considered an illegal engine modification, not an exhaust infraction.


Header - No extra holes or tubes allowed in the exhaust except for the EGT sensor.

Engine valve cover and crankcase vents - All breather vents from engine valve cover or fittings connected to engine must be vented to the external engine catch can only. Any form of venting the engine crankcase to the exhaust header or any other means to pull the engine crankcase pressure out of engine is not legal. All engine breather venting must have a direct path to the catch can.