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Monday, 3 March 2014




With almost 60 years experience in vehicle testing, automotive certification, product comparison, and Land Speed Record Certification, the United States Auto Club is prepared to expand its highly respected certification program in 2014. In addition to raising the activity and awareness of the services previously performed, USAC will develop a talent pool of drivers to be utilized for performance driving duties worldwide.

Under the guidance of USAC Executive VP Jason Smith, USAC looks to maintain the integrity it has demonstrated in testing and results reporting by utilizing the experience of the most respected individuals in the industry. USAC Record Trials Certification Director David Petrali will continue to perform the Land Speed Record run certification and testing coordination. Former USAC VP Tommy Hunt is bringing lifelong experience in the automotive and motorsports industry to secure and coordinate new programs. Ten-time USAC driving champion and precision and stunt driver Tony Hunt will also add his expertise to the new Performance Driving program.

“I’m extremely pleased to spearhead this program that has been such a staple to the United States Auto Club and to expand it into the performance driving category. Some of the best performance drivers in the world have participated in the ranks of USAC and I look forward to finding opportunities for them to utilize their talents,” says Smith.

The previous USAC repertoire includes major programs involving nearly every top American and foreign automobile manufacturer with speed, maneuverability, braking, towing load and general performance tests. Also, many original equipment and aftermarket parts certification and comparison programs have been produced. From a 100,000 mile production car world record run, to the Bonneville Salt Flats, to fork lift comparisons, to battery longevity, USAC’s testing programs have spanned a wide variety of products and endorsements. Not the least of these were the spectacular 700-mph-plus runs by Andy Green and the Thrust SSC which broke the land sound barrier in 1997.

“The team we have in place and the experience they bring will be able to serve the automotive industry and product certification category in a top-level fashion,” says Smith. “I remember seeing truck commercials as a kid with the tag line ‘It’s USAC Tested Tough,’ and we want that to return and assure quality to the consumer.

The new performance driving initiative will create a pool of extraordinary driving talent available to execute a wide variety of programs, including new product performance endorsements, commercial exposure, precision and stunt film work, along with testing and certification business.

USAC’s long history of service to the motorsports and motoring community includes a vast array of programs which have spanned the country and impacted nearly every facet of operations. Petrali alone has supervised countless programs, including the World Land Speed Record activity.

Hunt’s expertise from a coordinational and executive standpoint has been a valuable asset for USAC for the past three decades, while Tony’s exemplary career behind the wheel has placed him among the all-time greats in that category while earning him a revered position as a USAC ambassador.

The Petrali and Hunt offices are located in California although initial contact and implementation of these programs and initiatives will be coordinated through the USAC Headquarters at 4910 W. 16th Street, Speedway, Ind. Contact information for Jason Smith is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .