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Thursday, 15 October 2015

USAC .25 Myth Busters

It has come to our attention that there are more than a handful of destructive rumors floating around in the Quarter Midget community. I'd like to quickly get to the point in addressing those rumors and providing facts based on what we know today. 


1. Annual Competition Meeting We are looking forward to our annual competition meeting on Tuesday October 27th. The meeting will begin at 10:00 am. We are keeping a control list of invitees and we will release the location of the meeting or call in info once RSVP's are confirmed. We do not have the space to open up this meeting to the public. The INITIAL meeting will include current club presidents, members of the technical committee which will be expanded to include chassis builders in addition to the engine builders. If you have a topic you'd like to address and you are not on the list of invitees, please email your club president or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

2. National Races We are working on a list of really cool events for 2016. No, they will NOT be limited to parking lot races, however, we are exploring other parking lot opportunities where we can do events that are coordinated with IndyCar and Nascar events. We want to give your children as many opportunities as possible to build memories and experiences similar to what was accomplished at the 2015 Brickyard. We see what possibilities are out there with the relationships that USAC has with other racing series and we are leveraging those relationships to give your children experiences that they will never forget! We will reduce the number of national events next year however a firm number is not known at this time; we will attempt to ease the travel burden, especially during the school year; we will still hold both dirt and pavement national events; we will continue to hold national events at club tracks; we will provide a more balanced season relative to the eastern and western regions. We will also continue to provide more support to regional events which will help quarter midget racing to grow from the ground up!

3.Quarter Midget Management Team for 2016 Both myself and USAC President Kevin Miller will stay involved in oversight and approval of planning and decisions. Butch Lamb will be returning for another season as our Marketing Director and Announcer. Music, energy, signage, etc. We need to step up this element for 2016 and Butch will lead the charge. Debi Supan will be returning as our PR Director. Aaron Likens will be returning as our Senior Flagman. In addition to the engine builders which have historically solely formed the Tech Committee, we are bringing balance and fairness to that landscape by adding chassis builders and two Co-Chairmen. John Impellizeri will co-chair the Tech Committee along with USAC employee Levi Jones. Levi is a seven time USAC Champ and has been involved with the design and construction of the midget chassis. Levi has also served as Chief Mechanic for National Sprint and Midget race teams. John ("Impy") is an independent representative (meaning he is not the parent of a child currently racing QM cars nor is he a USAC employee) currently affiliated with MCQMRA. John began his involvement in racing in 1996. He has manufactured QM steering wheels for 15 years and has owned his own machine shop manufacturing hot rod parts since 1992. Both of these men, together with our technical committee, will oversee rules and technical matters for the .25 midget program.

Jerry Coons, Jr. will be USAC's .25 Series Director, taking over the role of Kyle McCain. I'd like to reiterate what you all already know. While in this role, Kyle did not perform tech duties or race director duties. The same will be true for Jerry. Yes, Jerry is a parent. Yes, Jerry has a child currently racing in the rookie class of our program. We feel based on his racing experience, business experience and experience at parenting in general, he is the most balanced and well-rounded choice for leadership of this series. Jerry will focus on the marketing aspects of the program, club relations, membership management, national and regional schedule coordination, national event planning, safety and insurance, and general oversight of the .25 program. Jerry started racing at the age of five in Quarter Midgets. Jerry is one of only five USAC Triple Crown Champions, one of four to win all divisions at the Four Crown, he has two midget titles, one Sprint and one Silver Crown title. Jerry has been working within the safety aspect of racing for the last two years. I'd like to ask that you give this man a chance to do great things for your program before you jump to any conclusions relative to conflicts of interest. Please keep in mind that regardless who we hire, so long as that person has knowledge and experience with USAC and Quarter Midget racing, conflicts will be found. In other words, it would be very difficult to find someone with knowledge of this program who does not come along with the perception of conflicts. I feel that Jerry's conflicts are very manageable given his role at USAC.

We will announce race directors for next year at a later date. We are considering our options and want to find the best possible race directors for the series - it terms of knowledge, consistency and fairness. We will have a minimum of two race directors for 2016.

4.Other FACTS to Mention There is absolutely no discussion at USAC of spec shocks, or the elimination of carbon fiber or titanium within the .25 program. We will DISCUSS the national point's structure and the possibility of adding Regional race results into a system that recognizes National Champions, as all other youth sports do.

The discussion of a left side tire rule will not be limited to just one tire option. It will likely include two options, and those options will be defined in the upcoming weeks and after the competition meeting.

This is the entire scope of our internal discussions. Anything outside of these points should be considered gossip and speculation by those who have not been privy to the direction of our program. Please ignore what you hear - we are all better off that way!

Best Regards,

Chandi McIntosh