Silver Crown
Thursday, 2 October 2008


USAC Gold Crown Division Owner’s Exploratory Group Completes Successful Test at Putnam Park - OEG Continues to move forward with USAC Gold Crown Division Development

Indianapolis, Indiana (October 2, 2008) – The United States Auto Club Gold Crown Division Owner’s Exploratory Group completed a significant step in its further development of the division this past Wednesday with a road course test at Putnam Park in Meridian, Indiana. The test was to evaluate the potential of the Gold Crown division racing on road courses.

“It was an incredibly successful day,” stated Aaron Pierce, who drove the Ron Hemelgarn prepared machine, with power coming from an engine supplied by current Silver Crown car owner Darryl Guiducci. “The car definitely performed to expectations and beyond. It was great to have the support that was there as well. I need to thank Ron Hemelgarn, Roger Johnson, Darryl Guiducci, Bruce Ashmore, Dennis LaCava, Lee Kunzman and everyone involved with this. This was a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to the next step."

Pierce also explained how the car drove.

“It was definitely different then the typical road race car because of the straight axle, but that is a good thing. The car made me patient with the throttle, but in the end that will help develop drivers and teach them an important aspect of driving a racecar.

The test was witnessed by several industry observers including Don Kay from Autosport Radio and Rollie Helmling, from the Motorsports Division of the Indiana Economic Development Committee.

“This is a step in the right direction for this division and USAC,” stated Kay, who has over 30-years of motorsports experience from the media and team side. “The car seemed to be very good and there were many experienced people working with Aaron to make it a success and it was.”

USAC’s Jason Smith, Jason McCord and vice president of Western Operations for USAC, Tommy Hunt, were in attendance at the test.

“The test certainly proved the viability of racing these cars on a road course,” stated OEG Member and chassis manufacturer, Bruce Ashmore. “Today was another step in the development of a program that involves many passionate people. Aaron did an incredible job providing us with outstanding feedback and leading us to a point where we are all very comfortable with how the car performed. We look forward to taking our next step, but we can look forward based on the success of today to knowing we are headed in the right direction.”

The car features a second generation design from GM's Randy Wittine, who previously created the body work for team in the IMSA and Can-Am series.

In conclusion, the USAC Owner’s Exploratory Group is still seeking input from competitors, media and fans alike regarding the design and appearance of the Gold Crown Division racecar which is scheduled to compete as soon as 2010 and become USAC’s destination series, while providing a training ground for North American racing talent.

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