AMSOIL Sprints
Wednesday, 21 August 2013



After a great first year in 2012 that saw an impressive list of cash and prizes for competitors, the list of awards for this week’s “Sprint Car Smackdown II” at Kokomo Speedway for the AMSOIL National Sprint Car Series has grown even more.
Thursday and Friday preliminary nights have awards posted for all events, along with special awards for the “Hard Charger,” the first car not transferring to the feature, and the slowest qualifier to advance to the night’s 30-lapper.
Saturday’s blockbuster “AMSOIL Championship Night” will culminate with a 40-lap Feature and will feature similar awards, along with posted prizes for the last car to transfer from the semi-feature, the final car running at the end of the race, and the popular “King of the Hill” competition to set the first four rows of the feature, which is again sponsored by Diversified Machine (DMI).

Other prizes are awarded at random or, in the case of the B&W Auto Mart “Smackdown Hard Charger,” as an accumulation of all cars passed over the entire three-day event. Long-time sprint car supporters Roger & Barb Tapy will award a right-rear tire nightly to a finisher between 10th and 20th, while Hoosier Tire themselves will offer up tires to random drivers who do not make a feature.

DRC Chassis will present a “Hard Luck Award” for the weekend, and Hinchman Racewear along with Arizona Sports Shirts will offer prizes for random draw. A 2014 USAC Sprint Car Owner’s Membership is also set to be given away.

Along with the bulky list of rewards for racers in the form of prizes, there is also lap money posted for the top-five on each lap for all 100 feature laps on the weekend. A few laps are still available for any interested parties. The cost is $100 per lap. E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.
A list of posted prizes for the weekend is listed here, with more to possibly be added in the final day before competition starts:

Fast Time – ProSource ($100) & case of AMSOIL
Heat Race Winners – ButlerBuilt ($50) & CSI Shocks ($50 Certificate)
C Main Winner – Simpson (Free Shoes/Gloves)
Semi Winner – GoPro Camera
Hard Charger – PPM Titanium Products ($200 cert. or $150 cash)
Hard Work (slowest qualifier to make Feature) – Wilwood (pads & master cylinder)
1st Non-Transfer – Indy Performance Composites (IPC) (knee guards)

Fast Time – ProSource ($100) & case of AMSOIL
Heat Race Winners – Butlerbuilt ($50) & CSI Shocks ($50 certificate)
C Main Winner – Simpson (Free Seat Belts)
Semi Winner – GoPro Camera
Hard Charger – PPM Titanium ($200 cert. or $150 cash)
Hard Work (slowest qualifier to make Feature) – Wilwood (pads & master cylinder)
1st Non-Transfer – IPC (Oil filter cover)

Saturday (AMSOIL Championship Night)
Qualifying Race Winners – Butlerbuilt ($50) & CSI Shocks ($50 Certificate)
“King of the Hill” winner – DMI ($500 Certificate) & Traxxas Slash Truck & case of AMSOIL
“King of the Hill” Runner-up – Rod End Supply Certificates & Simpson (Free Molecule) & case of AMSOIL
C Main Winner – Impact (Ratchet Belts) & case of AMSOIL
Semi Winner – GoPro Camera & case of AMSOIL
Feature Hard Charger – ProSource ($250) & C&R Radiator & case of AMSOIL
Hard Work Award (lowest point total to make Feature) – Pace Performance Coating ($300 certificate) & case of AMSOIL
Lucky Dog Award (last transfer from Semi) – Posh Canine Design Mobile Grooming ($200)
1st Non-Transfer – CSI Shocks (double adjustable shock)
2nd Non-Transfer – IPC (steering mount)
3rd Non-Transfer – Rod End Supply Certificate
Feature positions 8, 13 – Roger & Barb Tapy ($5/lap)
Last Car to Finish – Wilwood (pads & master cylinder)
Highest finisher using Ford tow truck – Eddie Gilstrap Motors ($250)

Hard Charger Award – B&W Auto Mart ($500)
Hard Luck Award – DRC Chassis ($250 Certificate) & case of AMSOIL
Random Draw Non-Qualifiers – Hoosier Tires (6 RR tires) & Arizona ($200 certificate) & USAC (free 2014 Sprint Car Owner Membership)
Random 10-20 finisher each night – Roger & Barb Tapy (free Hoosier RR tire)
Random Draw – Hinchman Racewear (Sublimated Team Shirts)