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Silver Crown
Tuesday, 24 September 2019


#123 Jimmy Light leads the way in action earlier during the 2019 USAC Silver Crown season. #123 Jimmy Light leads the way in action earlier during the 2019 USAC Silver Crown season. Cameron Neveu Photo


By: Richie Murray – USAC Media

Rossburg, Ohio (September 24, 2019)………One more chance and one final time to shine remains for competitors of the USAC Silver Crown Champ Car Series entering this weekend’s season finale, Friday and Saturday, September 27-28, at Eldora Speedway for the 38th edition of the 4-Crown Nationals presented by

Who will be the leader in each statistical category when all is said and done?  We shall find out after all is settled, a new 4-Crown winner has emerged, and a driver and owner champion has been crowned on Eldora’s stage.

Points are at a premium entering the final round, and all Kody Swanson has to do is successfully qualify for the 24-car starting field and present at the start of the night’s 50-lap main event.  That'll clinch himself an unprecedented fifth driving title with the series.

Justin Grant is second in the series standings, 63 points back.  Grant could gain the maximum 76 points for the night if he were to gain the three bonus points for fast qualifying time, three extra for leading the most laps and 70 points for winning the race to get him to 590 total points for the season.

However, the minimum points that a driver can gain in the feature event is 13.  If Kody were to finish last in the feature, he would still gain 13 points to lift him from 577 to 590 points.  Though Swanson and Grant would be tied in that scenario, Swanson holds the tiebreaker due to his five feature wins throughout the 2019 Silver Crown season.

For the Silver Crown owner’s title, the Klatt Enterprises No. 6 driven by Brady Bacon is in the driver’s seat of the standings with a 15-point lead entering Saturday’s contest.  Of course, everything will be easier to sort out once the field is set following Friday’s qualifying session, but regardless of whether Swanson and Nolen Racing earn maximum points this weekend, if Bacon finishes 3rd or better in Saturday’s race, the Klatt team clinches the owner’s title.



Most Wins: (5) Kody Swanson

Driver Point Leader: Kody Swanson

Owner Point Leader: Klatt Enterprises #6

Leading Rookie Driver: Derek Bischak

Laps Led: (404) Kody Swanson

Top-Fives: (7) Kody Swanson

Top-Tens: (8) David Byrne & Justin Grant

Fatheadz Eyewear Pole Awards: (5) Kody Swanson

Feature Starts: (9) 9 different drivers

Top Rookie Finisher: (4th) Jim Anderson at Lucas Oil Raceway

Most Positions Advanced: Bobby Santos (21st to 2nd on 3/23 at Memphis) & Jason McDougal (25th to 6th on 5/23 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds)

Most Wilwood Brakes 13th Place Finishes: (4) Mike Haggenbottom




2018 ELDORA USAC SILVER CROWN RESULTS: 1. C.J. Leary (8), 2. Kevin Thomas, Jr. (10), 3. Shane Cottle (1), 4. Jason McDougal (7), 5. Kody Swanson (5), 6. Jerry Coons, Jr. (2), 7. Justin Grant (12), 8. Brady Bacon (4), 9. Kyle Robbins (11), 10. Jacob Wilson (16), 11. Austin Nemire (15), 12. Bill Rose (20), 13. Steve Buckwalter (#53) (19), 14. Matt Goodnight (9), 15. Mike Haggenbottom (17), 16. Dave Darland (23), 17. Travis Welpott (14), 18. Chris Fetter (18), 19. Dave Berkheimer (21), 20. Aaron Pierce (22), 21. Tyler Courtney (6), 22. Chris Windom (3), 23. David Byrne (13). NT



1. (8) Jack Hewitt

2. (4) Dave Darland

3. (2) Bryan Clauson, Chris Windom, J.J. Yeley, Jerry Coons, Jr., Larry Rice, Ron Shuman, Steve Butler & Steve Kinser

11. (1) Brian Tyler, C.J. Leary, Christopher Bell, Danny Smith, Jimmy Sills, Ken Schrader, Kevin Huntley, Kyle Larson, Mat Neely & Tyler Courtney



1981: Steve Kinser (4/26) & Steve Kinser (10/11)

1982: Danny Smith (4/25) & Ron Shuman (10/3)

1983: Ken Schrader (9/25)

1985: Larry Rice (10/6)

1986: Jack Hewitt (9/28)

1987: Larry Rice (9/27)

1988: Jack Hewitt (9/25)

1989: Jack Hewitt (9/24)

1990: Steve Butler (9/30)

1991: Jack Hewitt (9/22)

1992: Steve Butler (10/4)

1993: Ron Shuman (10/3)

1994: Jack Hewitt (9/25)

1995: Jack Hewitt (9/23)

1996: Jack Hewitt (9/28)

1997: Kevin Huntley (9/20)

1998: Jack Hewitt (9/26)

1999: Jimmy Sills (9/25)

2000: J.J. Yeley (9/30)

2001: J.J. Yeley (9/22)

2002: Brian Tyler (9/21)

2004: Dave Darland (9/25)

2005: Dave Darland (9/24)

2006: Mat Neely (9/23)

2007: Jerry Coons, Jr. (9/22)

2008: Dave Darland (9/20)

2009: Dave Darland (9/26)

2010: Bryan Clauson (9/25)

2011: Kyle Larson (9/24)

2012: Bryan Clauson (9/22)

2013: Chris Windom (9/21)

2014: Jerry Coons, Jr. (9/21)

2015: Christopher Bell (9/26)

2016: Chris Windom (9/24)

2017: Tyler Courtney (9/23)

2018: C.J. Leary (9/22)






Mar 23: (P) (#) Millington, TN – Memphis International Raceway

WINNER: Kody Swanson (Nolen Racing #20)

Apr 28: (P) Toledo, OH – Toledo Speedway

WINNER: Kody Swanson (Nolen Racing #20)

May 23: (D) Indianapolis, IN – Indiana State Fairgrounds

WINNER: Tyler Courtney (Hans Lein #97)

May 24: (P) Brownsburg, IN – Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis

WINNER: Kyle Hamilton (Klatt Enterprises #6)

Jun 14: (D) Mechanicsburg, PA – Williams Grove Speedway

WINNER: Brady Bacon (Klatt Enterprises #6)

Jun 28: (P) Oregon, WI – Madison International Speedway

WINNER: Kody Swanson (Nolen Racing #20)

Aug 10: (P) Salem, IN - Salem Speedway Fueled by the Hoosier Lottery

WINNER: Kody Swanson (Nolen Racing #20)

Sep 1: (D) Du Quoin, IL – Du Quoin State Fairgrounds

WINNER: Jacob Wilson (Wilson Brothers Racing #07)

Sep 7: (P) Brownsburg, IN – Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis

WINNER: Kody Swanson (Nolen Racing #20)

Sep 28: (D) Rossburg, OH - Eldora Speedway

------------------------ KEY DEFINITIONS -------------------------

(D) represents a dirt event

(P) represents a pavement event

# represents a daytime event



1.   (577) Kody Swanson (Kingsburg, CA)

2.   (514) Justin Grant (Ione, CA)

3.   (456) David Byrne (Shullsburg, WI)

4.   (381) Kyle Hamilton (Danville, IN)

5.   (378) Bobby Santos (Franklin, MA)

6.   (375) Eric Gordon (Fortville, IN)

7.   (342) Chris Windom (Canton, IL)

8.   (328) Mike Haggenbottom (Levittown, PA)

9.   (320) Kyle Robbins (New Castle, IN)

10. (315) Austin Nemire (Sylvania, OH)



1.   (567) Klatt Enterprises #6

2.   (552) Nolen Racing #20

3.   (514) Hemelgarn Racing #91

4.   (456) Byrne Racing #40

5.   (378) DJ Racing #22

6.   (375) Armstrong/Slinkard Racing #78

7.   (342) Goodnight/Byrd Racing #17

8.   (328) John Haggenbottom #24

9.   (320) KR Racing #7

10. (315) Nemire/Lesko Racing #16



1.   (254) Derek Bischak (Angola, IN)

2.   (222) Cody Gallogly (Pataskala, OH)

3.   (146) Jim Anderson (Joliet, IL)

4.   (124) Chris Dyson (Pleasant Valley, NY)

5.   (114) Joey Schmidt (Ellisville, MS)

6.   (109) Cody Gerhardt (Fresno, CA)

7.   (109) Dave Berkheimer (Mechanicsburg, PA)

8.   (106) Chad Kemenah (Alvada, OH)

9.   (104) James Davison (Melbourne, AU)

10. (74) Jimmy Light (West Springfield, PA)



1. (5) Kody Swanson (Mar 23 at Memphis International Raceway, Apr 28 at Toledo Speedway, Jun 28 at Madison International Raceway, Aug 10 at Salem Speedway & Sep 7 at Lucas Oil Raceway)

2. (1) Brady Bacon (Jun 14 at Williams Grove Speedway)

    (1) Tyler Courtney (May 23 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds)

    (1) Kyle Hamilton (May 24 at Lucas Oil Raceway)

    (1) Jacob Wilson (Sep 1 at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds)



1.   (404) Kody Swanson

2.   (98) Kyle Hamilton

3.   (87) Kevin Thomas, Jr.

4.   (59) Jacob Wilson

5.   (53) Chris Windom

6.   (52) Steve Buckwalter

7.   (32) David Byrne

8.   (31) Bobby Santos

9.   (26) Tyler Courtney

10. (24) Brady Bacon

11. (10) Aaron Pierce



1.   (7) Kody Swanson

2.   (6) Justin Grant

3.   (5) Kyle Hamilton & Bobby Santos

5.   (3) Brady Bacon & Eric Gordon

7.   (2) David Byrne, Tyler Courtney, Aaron Pierce & Tanner Swanson

11. (1) Jim Anderson, James Davison, Mike Haggenbottom, Joey Schmidt, Jeff Swindell, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Jacob Wilson & Chris Windom



1.   (8) David Byrne & Justin Grant

3.   (7) Kody Swanson

4.   (6) Kyle Hamilton & Bobby Santos

6.   (5) Eric Gordon & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

8.   (4) Derek Bischak & Chris Windom

10. (3) Brady Bacon & Austin Nemire

12. (2) Jim Anderson, Steve Buckwalter, Tyler Courtney, James Davison, Cody Gallogly, Brian Gerster, Matt Goodnight, Aaron Pierce, Kyle Robbins, Joey Schmidt, Tanner Swanson & Jacob Wilson

24. (1) Chris Dyson, Russ Gamester, Mike Haggenbottom, Chad Kemenah, Jason McDougal, Jeff Swindell & Brian Tyler



1.   (9) David Byrne, Matt Goodnight, Eric Gordon, Justin Grant, Mike Haggenbottom, Austin Nemire, Kyle Robbins, Kody Swanson & Chris Windom

10. (6) Derek Bischak, Cody Gallogly, Kyle Hamilton, Bobby Santos & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

15. (5) John Heydenreich & C.J. Leary

17. (4) Dave Berkheimer & Chris Dyson

19. (3) Jim Anderson, Brady Bacon, Tyler Courtney, Russ Gamester, Cody Gerhardt, Brian Gerster, Dallas Hewitt, Chad Kemenah, Patrick Lawson, Aaron Pierce, Bill Rose & Travis Welpott

31. (2) Steve Buckwalter, Jason Conn, Shane Cottle, James Davison, Jimmy Light, Joe Liguori, Austin Mundie, Johnny Petrozelle, Joey Schmidt, Kyle Steffens, Tanner Swanson, Jeff Swindell, Brian Tyler & Jacob Wilson

45. (1) Terry Babb, Annie Breidinger, Toni Breidinger, Casey Buckman, Jerry Coons, Jr., Dave Darland, Cameron Dodson, A.J. Fike, Ronnie Gardner, Jason McDougal, Ryan Newman, Chris Phillips, Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., Chris Urish & Ronnie Wuerdeman



1. (5) Kody Swanson

2. (1) Tyler Courtney, Justin Grant, Tanner Swanson & Kevin Thomas, Jr.



Mar 23: Memphis International Raceway – Joey Schmidt (5th)

Apr 28: Toledo Speedway – Derek Bischak (8th)

May 23: Indiana State Fairgrounds – Jason McDougal (6th)

May 24: Lucas Oil Raceway – Cody Gallogly (10th)

Jun 14: Williams Grove Speedway – Chad Kemenah (11th)

Jun 28: Madison International Speedway – Jim Anderson (6th)

Aug 10: Salem Speedway – Derek Bischak (8th)

Sep 1: Du Quoin State Fairgrounds – Chad Kemenah (9th)

Sep 7: Lucas Oil Raceway – Jim Anderson (4th)



Mar 23: Memphis International Raceway – Bobby Santos (21st to 2nd)

Apr 28: Toledo Speedway – Austin Nemire (20th to 7th)

May 23: Indiana State Fairgrounds – Jason McDougal (25th to 6th)

May 24: Lucas Oil Raceway – Tanner Swanson (17th to 2nd)

Jun 14: Williams Grove Speedway – Mike Haggenbottom (15th to 4th)

Jun 28: Madison International Speedway – Kyle Robbins (20th to 12th)

Aug 10: Salem Speedway – Patrick Lawson (16th to 12th)

Sep 1: Du Quoin State Fairgrounds – Kody Swanson (29th to 14th)

Sep 7: Lucas Oil Raceway – Kyle Robbins (20th to 10th)



Mar 23: Memphis International Raceway – Mike Haggenbottom

Apr 28: Toledo Speedway – Cody Gerhardt

May 23: Indiana State Fairgrounds – Mike Haggenbottom

May 24: Lucas Oil Raceway – Mike Haggenbottom

Jun 14: Williams Grove Speedway – Shane Cottle

Jun 28: Madison International Speedway – Mike Haggenbottom

Aug 10: Salem Speedway – Joe Liguori

Sep 1: Du Quoin State Fairgrounds – Kyle Steffens

Sep 7: Lucas Oil Raceway – Annie Breidinger





1. [29 wins] Kody Swanson

2. [23 wins] Jack Hewitt

3. [17 wins] Brian Tyler

4. [16 wins] Dave Steele

5. [15 wins] J.J. Yeley

6. [14 wins] Dave Darland & Chuck Gurney

8. [12 wins] Jimmy Sills

9. [11 wins] Bobby East

10. [10 wins] Gary Bettenhausen, Mike Bliss & Bobby Santos

13. [9 wins] Tracy Hines

14. [8 wins] Chris Windom

15. [7 wins] Jerry Coons, Jr., Rick Hood, George Snider & Tanner Swanson

19. [6 wins] Tom Bigelow, Russ Gamester, Kenny Irwin, Jr., Jason Leffler, Ken Schrader & Al Unser

25. [5 wins] Mario Andretti, Donnie Beechler, Pancho Carter, Jay Drake, Tony Elliott, Bud Kaeding, Sheldon Kinser, Larry Rice

33. [4 wins] Jeff Swindell & Rich Vogler

35. [3 wins] Steve Butler, Shane Cockrum, Cameron Dodson, A.J. Fike, Levi Jones, Kasey Kahne, Jim Keeker, Steve Kinser, Bobby Olivero, Johnny Parsons, Aaron Pierce, Ron Shuman, Tony Stewart, Tyler Walker, Paul White

50. [2 wins] Pat Abold, Steve Chassey, Bryan Clauson, Tyler Courtney, Larry Dickson, Billy Engelhart, A.J. Foyt, Jeff Gordon, Justin Grant, Kyle Larson, C.J. Leary, Ryan Newman, Joe Saldana, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Cole Whitt, Josh Wise & Doug Wolfgang

67. [1 win] Brady Bacon, Teddy Beach, Christopher Bell, Jeff Bloom, David Byrne, Marvin Carman, Shane Carson, Bob Cicconi, Herb Copeland, Shane Cottle, Bruce Field, Aaron Fike, Chet Fillip, Bob Frey, Eric Gordon, Kyle Hamilton, John Heydenreich, Gary Hieber, Shane Hmiel, Shane Hollingsworth, Jimmy Horton, Jackie Howerton, Kevin Huntley, Kenny Jacobs, Bubby Jones, Keith Kauffman, Jimmy Kite, Chuck Leary, Eddie Leavitt, Jason McCord, Jim McElreath, Lealand McSpadden, Mat Neely, Brad Noffsinger, Stevie Reeves, Wayne Reutimann Jr., Danny Smith, Kevin Thomas, Rich Tobias Jr., Chris Urish, Billy Vukovich & Jacob Wilson



1971: George Snider, 1972: A.J. Foyt, 1973: Al Unser, 1974: Mario Andretti, 1975: Jimmy Caruthers, 1976: Billy Cassella, 1977: Larry Rice, 1978: Pancho Carter, 1979: Bobby Olivero, 1980: Gary Bettenhausen, 1981: Larry Rice, 1982: Ken Schrader, 1983: Gary Bettenhausen, 1984: Dave Blaney, 1985: Rick Hood, 1986: Jack Hewitt, 1987: Jack Hewitt, 1988: Steve Butler, 1989: Chuck Gurney, 1990: Jimmy Sills, 1991: Jeff Gordon, 1992: Steve Butler, 1993: Mike Bliss, 1994: Jimmy Sills, 1995: Tony Stewart, 1996: Jimmy Sills, 1997: Dave Darland, 1998: Jason Leffler, 1999: Ryan Newman, 2000: Tracy Hines, 2001: Paul White, 2002: J.J. Yeley, 2003: J.J. Yeley, 2004: Dave Steele, 2005: Dave Steele, 2006: Bud Kaeding, 2007: Bud Kaeding, 2008: Jerry Coons, Jr., 2009: Bud Kaeding, 2010: Levi Jones, 2011: Levi Jones, 2012: Bobby East, 2013: Bobby East, 2014: Kody Swanson, 2015: Kody Swanson, 2016: Chris Windom, 2017: Kody Swanson, 2018: Kody Swanson



1971: Leader Cards, 1972: A.J. Foyt Enterprises, 1973: Vel’s Parnelli Jones, 1974: Vel’s Parnelli Jones, 1975: Pizza Hut of St. Louis, 1976: Louis Seymour & Sons, 1977: David LeFevre, 1978: Johnny Capels, 1979: Leader Cards, 1980: Delrose-Holt Racing, 1981: Aristocrat Products, 1982: Steve Enslow, 1983: Delrose-Holt Racing, 1984: Radio Hospital, 1985: Damon Fortune, 1986: Bob Hampshire, 1987: Bob Hampshire, 1988: Kenneth Jarrett Farms, 1989: Transportation Computer Systems, 1990: Bob Consani, 1991: M & L Plumbing, 1992: Kenneth Jarrett Farms, 1993: Del McClure, 1994: Gary Stanton, 1995: Niebel Engines, 1996: Stanton Racing, 1997: Foxco, Inc., 1998: Goetz Racing, 1999: Snider/Foyt Racing, 2000: Indiana Underground Construction, 2001: Paul Cook Racing, 2002: East/Stewart Racing, 2003: East/Stewart Racing, 2004: East/Stewart Racing, 2005: East/Stewart Racing, 2006: Leffler/BK Racing, 2007: BK Racing, 2008: RW Motorsports, 2009: BK Motorsports, 2010: Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing, 2011: Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing, 2012: RW Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian Racing, 2013: Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing, 2014: DePalma Motorsports, 2015: DePalma Motorsports, 2016: DePalma Motorsports, 2017: DePalma Motorsports, 2018: DePalma Motorsports



1981: Jack Hewitt, 1982: Keith Kauffman, 1983: Rick Hood, 1984: Dave Blaney, 1985: Steve Butler, 1986: Kenny Jacobs, 1987: Jeff Swindell, 1988: Gene Lee Gibson, 1989: Jimmy Sills, 1990: Eric Gordon, 1991: Stevie Reeves, 1992: Jim Keeker, 1993: Randy Tolsma, 1994: Kenny Irwin, Jr., 1995: Chuck Leary: 1996: Ryan Newman, 1997: Jimmy Kite, 1998: Todd Kane, 1999: Paul White, 2000: Kasey Kahne, 2001: Aaron Fike, 2002: Matt Westfall, 2003: Ron Gregory, 2004: Aaron Pierce, 2005: Josh Wise, 2006: Mat Neely, 2007: Cameron Dodson, 2008: Steve Arpin, 2009: Kody Swanson, 2010: Bryan Clauson, 2011: Kyle Larson, 2012: Kyle Hamilton, 2013: Chris Windom, 2014: Caleb Armstrong, 2015: C.J. Leary, 2016: Casey Shuman, 2017: Joss Moffatt, 2018: Kyle Robbins



1. (29) Kody Swanson

2. (21) Jimmy Sills

3. (19) Dave Steele

4. (17) Tracy Hines

5. (14) Jerry Coons, Jr.

6. (13) J.J. Yeley

7. (10) Bobby East

8. (9) Chuck Gurney, Jason Leffler & Rich Vogler

11. (8) Dave Darland, Russ Gamester, Levi Jones & Johnny Parsons

15. (7) Jack Hewitt, Tanner Swanson & Josh Wise

18. (6) Gary Bettenhausen, Tom Bigelow & Steve Chassey

21. (5) Larry Dickson, Justin Grant, Kenny Irwin, Jr., Aaron Pierce, Larry Rice, Jeff Swindell & Al Unser

28. (4) Donnie Beechler, Steve Butler, Bryan Clauson, Jay Drake, Tony Elliott, Rick Hood, Jim Keeker, Brad Noffsinger, Joe Saldana, Ron Shuman, George Snider, Brian Tyler & Greg Weld

41. (3) Mario Andretti, Mike Bliss, Pancho Carter, Shane Cottle, Tyler Courtney, Robby Flock, Shane Hmiel, Sheldon Kinser, Kyle Larson, Ryan Newman, Bobby Santos & Ken Schrader

53. (2) Dave Blaney, Ed Carpenter, Dane Carter, A.J. Fike, Shane Hollingsworth, Bud Kaeding, Lee Kunzman, Chuck Leary, Jon Stanbrough, Brad Sweet, Tyler Walker, Jacob Wilson & Chris Windom

66. (1) Mark Alderson, Brady, Bacon, Teddy Beach, Christopher Bell, Bob Cicconi, Derek Davidson, Cameron Dodson, Pablo Donoso, Thad Dosher, Paul Durant, Billy Engelhart, Bob Ewell, Chet Fillip, Stan Fox, Damion Gardner, Gene Lee Gibson, Eric Gordon, Jeff Gordon, Davey Hamilton, Jac Haudenschild, John Heydenreich, Gary Hieber, Tray House, Jackie Howerton, Kenny Jacobs, Jon Johnson, Bubby Jones, P.J. Jones, Kasey Kahne, Keith Kauffman, Steve Kent, Steve Kinser, Arnie Knepper, C.J. Leary, Michael Lewis, Lealand McSpadden, Warren Mockler, Mat Neely, Paul Pitzer, Roger Rager, Wayne Reutimann, Jr., Bill Rose, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Randy Tolsma, Billy Vukovich, Bruce Walkup & Doug Wolfgang



1. [201] Dave Darland

2. [198] Brian Tyler

3. [197] Russ Gamester

4. [176] Jerry Coons, Jr.

5. [172] Tracy Hines

6. [163] Jack Hewitt

7. [151] Johnny Parsons

8. [147] Tony Elliott

9. [139] Eric Gordon

10. [128] George Snider

11. [125] Gary Hieber

12. [114] Chuck Gurney

13. [113] Bud Kaeding & Jimmy Sills

15. [111] Dave Steele

16. [106] John Heydenreich

17. [103] A.J. Fike

18. [102] Kody Swanson

19. [100] Larry Rice

20. [96] Aaron Pierce

21. [94] Jay Drake & Paul White

23. [91] J.J. Yeley

24. [90] Tom Bigelow

25. [88] Mark Alderson

26. [84] Jason McCord

27. [83] Gary Bettenhausen

28. [79] Donnie Beechler & Levi Jones

30. [77] Rich Vogler

31. [76] Larry Dickson

32. [74] Steve Chassey

33. [73] Ryan Newman & Rich Tobias, Jr.

35. [72] Bobby East

36. [71] Robby Flock & Sheldon Kinser

38. [70] Steve Butler

39. [68] Billy Engelhart & Chris Windom

41. [67] Joe Saldana

42. [66] Brad Noffsinger

43. [65] Jerry Nemire

44. [62] Ron Shuman

45. [60] Randy Bateman & Wally Pankratz

47. [58] David Byrne, Rick Hood& Bill Rose

50. [55] Gary Irvin & Bobby Santos

52. [54] Tom Capie & Shane Hollingsworth

54. [53] Chet Fillip, Jason Leffler & Jacob Wilson

57. [52] Shane Cottle & Wayne Reutimann, Jr.

59. [49] Tony Stewart

60. [48] Mike Bliss

61. [47] Bob Cicconi, Justin Grant & Ken Schrader

64. [46] Jim Keeker & Bentley Warren

66. [45] Derek Davidson, Jeff Swindell & Billy Vukovich

69. [43] Kenny Irwin, Jr. & Tyler Walker

71. [42] Jon Stanbrough

72. [41] Dane Carter, Danny Milburn & Austin Nemire

75. [40] Aaron Fike, Andy Hillenburg, Warren Mockler, Tanner Swanson & Chip Thomas

80. [39] Tray House & Jim McElreath

82. [38] Shane Cockrum, Patrick Lawson & Bobby Olivero

85. [37] Pancho Carter, Duke Cook, Todd Kane, Chuck Leary, Rusty McClure, Billy Puterbaugh, Jr. & Roger Rager

92. [36] Ed Carpenter, Ron Dunstan & Chris Urish

95. [34] Ronnie Burke, Davey Hamilton, Kevin Huntley, Greg Staab & Kevin Thomas

100. [33] Cary Faas, Jimmy Kite, C.J. Leary & Josh Wise

104. [32] Brent Kaeding

105. [31] Steve Cannon, Ron Gregory, Arnie Knepper, Jim Mahoney, Mat Neely & Stevie Reeves

111. [30] Tim Barber, Teddy Beach, Jeff Bloom, Zach Daum, Stan Fox, Manny Rockhold & Jerry Russell

118. [29] Rocky Hodges & Michael Lewis

120. [28] Dave Blaney & Bill Puterbaugh

122. [27] Brad Armstrong, Bryan Clauson & Matt Westfall

125. [26] Dan Drinan & Matt Goodnight

127. [25] Steve Buckwalter, Kasey Kahne & Nick Lundgreen

130. [24] Pat Abold, Brady Bacon, Derek Hagar, Kenny Jacobs Joe Liguori & Jerry Miller

136. [23] Terry Babb & Cameron Dodson

138. [22] Billy Cassella, Kevin Doty & Bob Frey

141. [21] Walt Kennedy & Davey Ray

143. [20] Bill Baue, Dave Feese, John Starks & Randy Tolsma

147. [19] Bruce Field, Gene Lee Gibson, Kyle Hamilton, Shane Hmiel, Jimmy McCune, Lealand McSpadden & Kyle Robbins

154. [18] Rollie Beale, Jackie Burke, Brian Gerster, Mike Murgoitio, Casey Shuman, Al Unser & Jonathan Vennard

161. [17] Jimmy Caruthers, A.J. Foyt, Mike Haggenbottom, Sammy Sessions & Kramer Williamson

166. [16] Pablo Donoso

167. [15] Paul Clark, P.J. Jones & Bruce Walkup

170. [14] Jarett Andretti, Billy Boat, Tyler Courtney, Carl Edwards, Chris Fetter, Jeff Gordon, Bubby Jones, Keith Kauffman, Ralph Liguori, Boston Reid, Danny Smith, Smokey Snellbaker, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. & Jerry Weeks

184. [13] Robert Ballou, Patrick Bruns, Tyce Carlson, Dana Carter, Jim Childers, Jac Haudenschild, Jackie Howerton, Jon Johnson, Greg Leffler, Andy Michner, Brian Paulus, Billy Wease, Bud Wilmot & Rodney Weesner

198. [12] Brad Fox, Mike Gregg, Mike Hess, Billy Pauch, Ricky Shelton, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Bill Tyler & Travis Welpott

206. [11] Mario Andretti, J.C. Bland, Justin Carver, Hud Cone, Craig Dori, Taylor Ferns, Dickie Gaines, David Gough, Steve Kinser, Cory Kruseman, Lee Kunzman, James McElreath, Bobby McMahan, Joey Moughan, Rex Norris III, Mike Peters, Tad Roach, Greg Weld, Greg Wilson

225. [10] Ronnie Day, Gary Gray, Richard Griffin, Coleman Gulick, Bob Harkey, Terry James, Page Jones, Terry Kawell, Jim Moughan, Kenneth Nichols, Terry Pletch, Jack Runyon, Robert Smith & Robbie Stanley

239. [9] Bobby Adkins, Chuck Amati, Caleb Armstrong, Karl Busson, Bob Evans, Bryn Gohn, Wayne Hammond, Jim Hurtubise, Rebel Jackson, Jr., Chappy Knaack, Kyle Larson, Eddie Leavitt, Larry Martin, Joss Moffatt, Johnny Petrozelle, Paul Pitzer & Johnny Rutherford

256. [8] Joe Axsom, Christopher Bell, Dave Berkheimer, Derek Bischak, Toni Breidinger, Cole Carter, Mel Cornett, Chris Cumberworth, Doug Didero, Paul Durant, Ray Joe Fager, Larry Gates, Ken Hamilton, Darl Harrison, Roy Hicks, Rod Holshouser, Dakota Jackson, Mike Johnson, Frankie Kerr, Danny Long, Thiago Medeiros, Jan Opperman, Lee Osborne, Junior Parkinson, Greg Peterson, Aaron Pollock, Tracy Potter, Steve Siegel, Ryan Smith, Kyle Steffens, Sammy Swindell, Rick Treadway, Lennie Waldo, Carl Williams & Doug Wolfgang

291. [7] John Andretti, Eric Butze, Rob Chaney, Lou Cicconi, Jr., Chris Dyson, Bob East, Perry Ferrell, Nick Fornoro, Jr., Joe Gaerte, Cody Gallogly, Damion Gardner, Cody Gerhardt, Brian Hayden, Jesse Hockett, Blake Hollingsworth, Tony Hunt, Paul Huntington, Paul Koch, Joe McCarthy, Michael Roselli, Jr., Hunter Schuerenberg, Alex Shanks, Pete Shepherd III, Mark Smith, Mike Thomas, Billy Whitaker & Mitch Wissmiller

318. [6] Justin Allgaier, Michael Annett, Mike Brooks, Bill Burks, Jr., Kellen Conover, Palmer Crowell, Ryan Durst, Bob Ewell, Spike Gehlhausen, Kenny Gentry, Darren Hagen, Tom Hessert III, Larry Hoppes, John Hubbard, Marc Jessup, Doug Kalitta, Kevin Koch, Bill Kojis, Mike Lichty, Jeff Mitrisin, Don Nordhorn, Brian Seidel, Jimmy Stinson, Jerry Stone & Mike Winblad

343. [5] Sport Allen, Jim Anderson, Todd Beach, Barry Camp, Larry Cannon, Mark Cassella, Davey Hamilton, Jr., John Hunt, Brad Kuhn, Rich Leavell, Donnie Lehmann, Mario Marietta, Brad Marvel, Mack McClellan, Austin Mundie, Kevin Olson, Steven Russell, Red Stauffer, Mike Stroehle, Neil Shepherd, Sleepy Tripp, Terry Uehling, Cole Whitt & Rip Williams

367. [4] Tony Armstrong, Steve Arpin, John Batts, Jr., Mike Brecht, Jimmy Brewer, David Bridges, Ray Bull, Keith Burch, Keith Butler, Shane Carson, Herb Copeland, Casey Diemert, Lee Dunn, Danny Ebberts, Murray Erickson, Ray Evans, Scott Hansen, Don Hawley, Dallas Hewitt, Steve Kent, Dereck King, Steve Knepper, Mike Larrison, Mike Ling, Bobby Marcum, Von McGee, Wes Miller, David Mirk, Rodney Ritter, Jr., Billy Shuman, Dean Shirley, Donny Schatz, Jake Simmons, Tim Siner, Billy Vukovich III, Clark Templeman, Kevin Whitesides, Leon Thickstun & Miranda Throckmorton

406. [3] Steve Adams, Johnny Anderson, Ed Angle, Robin Bank, Justin Barger, John Barrick, Kipp Beard, Doug Berryman, Merle Bettenhausen, Art Bisch, Jr., Kevin Bloomstran, Annie Breidinger, Lee Brewer, Jr., Rick Brown, Dave Burns, Gary Cameron II, Keith Campbell, Marv Carman, Roy Caruthers, Wayne Chinn, Bill Compton, Tim Cox, Erin Crocker, Troy DeCaire, Thad Dosher, Tommie Estes, Jr., Dean Franklin, Jeff Gardner, Emmett Hahn, Darryl Haugh, Chad Kemenah, Kelly Kinser, Lance Kobusch, Red Kunstbeck, Ricky Logan, Steve Long, Jim Malloy, Mike Martin, Zach Martini, Bob Meli, Larry Moore, Ryan Moore, Aaron Mosley, Mike Ordway, Gary Patterson, Gary Ponzini, Rusty Rasmussen, Wayne Reutimann, Robbie Rice, Travis Rilat, A.J. Russell, Zach Schiff, Frankie Schneider, Ryan Scott, Terry Shepherd, Ron Smoker, Chase Stockon, Kevin Studley, Brad Sweet, Buz Tapply, Cale Thomas, Dick Tobias, Rick Ungar, Korey Weyant, Tony Weyant, George White, Jim Whiteside & Greg Wooley

474. [2] Michael Adkins, Mike Andreeta, Tommy Astone, Todd Bammer, Randy Bauer, Dave Baumgartner, Dean Billings, Austin Blair, Dan Boorse, Ken Brewer, Shane Butler, Steve Carithers, Tim Clark, Jason Conn, Stan Constant, Johnny Coogan, Frank D’Alonso, Daryl Daugherty, Tom Davies, James Davison, Greg DeCaires, Duke DeRosa, Scott Edmiston, Dean Erfurth, Jay Ervine, Mike Fedorcak, Billy Felts, A.J. Foyt IV, Stewart Friesen, Greg Furlong, Leon Gentry, Mike Gigot, Joe Gosek, Rick Goudy, Chuck Gurney, Jr., Randy Hannagan, Scott Hatton, Jon Herb, Jordan Hermansader, Sparky Howard, Bill Hudson, Bruce Jennings, Jerry Karl, Kevin Kierce, Mike Lauterborn, Jimmy Light, Steve Lotshaw, Ed Lynch, Garry Lee Maier, Troy Matchen, Jay Maupin, Randy Mausteller, Van May, Roger McCluskey, Mike McCreary, Frank McDaniel, Jason McDougal, Lyn McIntosh, Dustin Morgan, Mike Mosley, Jr., Larry Neighbors, John Nervo, Kyle O’Gara, Lynn Paxton, Chris Phillips, Scott Pierovich, Troy Regier, Rick Salem, Joey Schmidt, Howie Sewell, David Shain, Rick Sipes, Jigger Sirois, Mark Sokola, Randy Standridge, Nelson Stewart, Rodney Stone, Rob Summers, Kevin Swindell, Al Thomas, Troy Thompson, Troy Vaccaro, Butch Wilkerson, Charlie Workman, Salt Walther & Jack Ziegler

559. [1] Bobby Allen, Taylor Andrews, Dakoda Armstrong, Jon Backlund, Tom Ball, Steve Barnett, Steve Barth, Jarid Blondel, Chad Boat, Ray Bragg, Jerry Bruce, Bob Brutto, Casey Buckman, Will Cagle, Daryl Campbell, Don Carr, Kent Christian, Drew Church, Henry Clarke, Troy Cline, Kevin Conway, Donnie Crawford, Wally Dallenbach, Bobby Davis, Jr., Brad Davis, Charles Davis, Jr., Bob Davison, Brian DeFord, Terry Doss, Brad Doty, Rodney Duncan, Jesse Dunham, Sondi Eden, Andrew Felker, Elvin Felty, Dan Ford, Michael Ford, Andy Forsberg, Jeff Forshee, Ronnie Franklin, Pete Frazier, Danny Frye, Jr., Jeff Galas, Ronnie Gardner, Rickie Gaunt, Cheryl Glass, Gary Griffith, Brett Hearn, JoJo Helberg, Jim Hettinger, Nathan High, Larry Hillerud, Ted Hines, Jimmy Horton, Brian Hosford, Rick Howerton, Steve Irwin, Jim Jackson, Earnest Jennings, Rickey Jennings, Matt Jewell, Kraig Kinser, Dana Laliberte, Harold Leep, Jeff Leka, Ryan Litt, Ed Lynch, Jr., Pepi Marchese, David McCreary, Dave McGough, Paul McMahan, Joe Melnick, Thomas Meseraull, Curt Michael, Jim Mills, Mark Monico, Mike Mosley, Jack Moulton, Jr., Peter Murphy, Rick Muther, Fred Neighbors, Greg Nelson, Kevin Newton, Kyle Nicholas, Don O’Keefe, Jimmy Parsons, Billy Pauch, Jr., Dave Peperak, Stan Ploski, Art Pollard, Jerry Potter, Richard Powell, Patrick Quinn, Ron Rae, Fred Rahmer, Robbie Ray, Byron Reed, David Reutimann, Jim Reynard, Randy Roberts, Joe Roush, John Ryals, Eddie Sachs, Jr., Doug Saunier, Bill Schemonia, Shane Scully, Jon Sciscoe, Ron Semelka, Steve Sheppard, Jr., Danny Shouse, Grant Simpson, Anthony Simone, Carl Smith, Steve Smith, Mike Spencer, Darren Spiers, Greg Stephens, Robert Stout, Charlie Swartz, Fred Tegarden, Jr., Todd Thomas, Tanner Thorson, Bud Tingelstad, Eric Todd, Rick Tomasik, Eric Trousdale, LeRoy Van Conett, Kaylene Verville, Todd Wanless, Curt Waters, Jeff West, Brent Whited, Bryan Whited, Eddie Wirth, Kyle Wissmiller, Kent Wolters, Mike Woodring, Ken Woolley, Ronnie Wuerdeman & Tiffany Wyzard