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Winner Seth Carlson (left) Winner Seth Carlson (left) Buzz Fisher Photo


By: Mark Hann

Bradford, Vermont (August 24, 2019)………Seth Carlson of Stafford, CT dominated the night at Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT driving a backup car owned by friend and fellow competitor Tim Gallant. Carlson, who would normally be driving his #2 Seals-it sponsored USAC DMA midget, has been having mechanical issues so getting behind the wheel of Galant’s 33 gave Carlson a chance to stay in the points hunt.

Heat race one (8 laps) had the 23 of Tim West from Vernon, CT on pole and Owen Carbee of Groton, VT in the 50 starting second. Competing this night was the 26, normally driven by TJ Foster, now driven by past Bear Ridge Speedway Champion Josh Constantine of Corinth, VT.

Green flag waived and before the pack got to turn one Seth Carlson of Stafford, CT piloting the 33 owned by Tim Gallant, took to the lead and command of the race. The top three would now be held by Carlson in the 33, the 5 driven this night by Manny Dias of Danielson, CT for second and West in the 23 for third. The lineup would hold the same until lap seven when the 23 of West would take over second and Carbee in the 50 moved into third. The field could not catch Carlson in the 33 as he would take the win for heat race one. Following Seth Carlson was Tim West in the 23 and Owen Carbee in the 50 for third.

Heat race two (8 laps) started with the 17 piloted by Justin Sheridan of Suffield, CT on pole and Adam Whitney of Warren, VT in the 12 starting outside row one. Under green the 12 of Whitney took the lead with the 1B driven by Joe Krawiec of Granby, CT now second and Sheridan’s 17 back to third. By lap three the 3 of Will Hull of Plainfield, VT moved into third pushing the 17 of Sheridan back to fourth.

On lap six the 1B of Krawiec would take over the first position with Whitney in the 12 now to second and Hull’s number 3 for third. The top three would stay the same as the laps went by and in the end, it was the 1B of Joe Krawiec winning heat race two followed by the 12 of Adam Whitney for second and the 3 of Will Hull rounding out the top three.

The 25-lap feature would begin with Tim West in the 23 from Vernon, CT starting pole position and the 50 with Owen Carbee of Groton, VT starting outside row one. With the green flag displayed, Manny Dias of Danielson, CT driving the 5 would jump to the lead before the end of lap one with the 1B of Joe Krawiec of Granby, CT now second followed by the 17 of Justin Sheridan of Suffield, CT in third.

Lap two and caution would be displayed for the spinning number 3 of Will Hull from Plainfield, VT and Adam Whitney of Warren, VT both coming to a stop in turn two.

Quick caution and back to green with the 5 of Dias, 1B of Krawiec and 17 with Sheridan still running nose to tail. Lap five and Krawiec in the 1B took over the lead with Dias number 5 back to second and now the 33 of Seth Carlson from Stafford, CT had moved from eighth to third.

Caution would once again come out on lap six for the 3 of Hull and 23 of West getting together in turn four. Back to green and the 1B with Krawiec still holding point but now the 33 with Carlson had moved into second and Dias in the 5 now to third.

Red flag was displayed to the field on lap eight when the 23 of West had slowed in turn four and the 91 of Wayne Koehler from Jewett, NY who could not avoid West and hit the left front of West racecar causing Koehler to flip. Both drivers would walk away but unable to finish the event because of damage done to each racecar.

With the track clean up completed the green would be displayed once again with Krawiec’s 1B still leading the field followed by the 33 of Carlson and now the 12 of Whitney in third as the 5 with Dias was slowing for mechanical issues. The top three of Krawiec, Carlson and Whitney would stay locked together until lap twelve when the 33 piloted by Carlson would get around the 1B of Krawiec and set sail in the lead spot.

From this point on, first and second would be held by Carlson and Krawiec with the battle for third heating up between the 12 of Whitney and the 3 of Hull who had driven up from last position after his spin to now being fourth and challenging Whitney for third.

The last lap had fans standing as the top four of Carlson, Krawiec, Whitney and Hull fought for every position with Hull’s 3 getting around Whitney’s 12 only a few feet from the finish line. Under the checker flag it would be the 33 of Seth Carlson for the win followed by the 1B of Joe Krawiec for second and in third was the 3 of Will Hull. 

The series will be back in action on Saturday night September 7th at Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT. 

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USAC SPEED2 DMA MIDGET RACE RESULTS: August 24, 2019 – Bear Ridge Speedway – Bradford, Vermont

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Seth Carlson (#33 Gallant), 2. Tim West (#23 West), 3. Owen Carbee (#50 Carbee), 4. Josh Constantine (#26 Foster), 5. Manny Dias (#5 Matczak), 6. Wayne Kohler (#91 Kohler). 2:01.00

SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Joe Krawiec (#1B Miller), 2. Adam Whitney (#12 Whitney), 3. Will Hull (#3 Matczak), 4. Justin Sheridan (#17 Miller), 5. Jeff Horn (#A1 Horn). NT

ALSO AT THE TRACK: Jeff Champagne (#77 Champagne)

FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Seth Carlson, 2. Joe Krawiec, 3. Will Hull, 4. Adam Whitney, 5. Jeff Horn, 6. Justin Sheridan, 7. Josh Constantine (26), 8. Owen Carbee, 9. Manny Dias, 10. Tim West, 11. Wayne Kohler. NT


FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-4 Manny Dias, Laps 5-11 Joe Krawiec, Laps 12-25 Seth Carlson.

NEXT USAC DMA SPEED2 MIDGET POINTS  1-Will Hull-1056, 2-Joe Krawiec-1008, 3-Seth Carlson-963, 4-Justin Phillips-804, 5-Adam Whitney-774, 6-Manny Dias-751, 7-Jeff Horn-702, 8-Justin Sheridan-646, 9-Jeff Champagne-554, 10-Dan Douville-552.

NEXT USAC SPEED2 DMA MIDGET RACE: September 7, 2019 – Bear Ridge Speedway – Bradford, Vermont