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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Eligibility for the USAC .25 Midget Nationals

Eligibility for the USAC .25 Midget Nationals at Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Due to a tight schedule with curfews for the July 8-11 dates at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, USAC is imposing a car count cap (60 per class) and an overall car count cap (375) for the event.

Minimum Requirement all Drivers Must Have:

•    All drivers must possess a current USAC .25 Midget License and be a good standing member of a Chartered USAC Club

The following will ensure eligibility:

•    Driver has competed at one of the USAC Sanctioned District Events,

      i.e. Tampa (March 21-22), Toledo (June 6-7) or Las Vegas (June 20-21)

The following will be secondary steps if a driver did not attend one of the District Events and spots are still available.

1.    Driver has competed at all of his local USAC Chartered club race

       events .

2.    Drivers that have competed in 2009 USAC Sanctioned Club Races

       (Highest Quantity to lowest)

3.    If spots are still available a hardship fee ($100 per class) will

       be accepted based on received date of USAC .25 Midget Nationals Entry

Please Note:

•    You can only enter the class that you "qualified" for.  If you change classes you have to meet the other "hardship" criteria.

•    If a driver ran the District race as a Rookie they will be allowed to move up to a competitive class for the Nationals.


*Please note USAC has the right to alter or modify the above criteria in the event of unforeseen circumstances*