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Silver Crown
Sunday, 14 October 2012


The largest contingency program in recent USAC racing history has been announced for participants utilizing Ignite high-performance Ethanol racing fuels in 2013. A total of more than $125,000 in year-end prizes and series race postings will be up for grabs in various USAC racing series.
Starting with the TRAXXAS Silver Crown Championship, participants will be rewarded with the preferred fuel option afforded by Ignite, with a $5,000 “powered by Ignite” bonus posted for each car entrant winning a Silver Crown feature. If the “powered by Ignite” option is not utilized in victory lane, a $2,500 bonus will be awarded to the highest finishing “powered by Ignite” competitor. With the new contingency postings for 2013, Ignite Racing Ethanol will be the preferred fuel of the TRAXXAS Silver Crown series, but not mandated. Competitors may use Ignite Ethanol or traditional methanol fuels in the series.
Other USAC racing series will also offer rewards for “powered by Ignite” usage. A $500 bonus is posted for a feature victory in the Ignite Midget series and Mopar .25 Midget Series competitors will also receive a $1,000 savings certificate for achieving a National Championship at season’s end.
“We are extremely pleased with the partnership Ignite has provided for these USAC incentives for 2013 and we look forward to the bonuses our participants will receive,” says USAC President/CEO Kevin Miller. “This is a significant step and one we embrace as we continue into USAC’s racing future.”