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Monday, 10 June 2024


Winner Bryce Massingill (Troy, Ohio) Winner Bryce Massingill (Troy, Ohio)


Waynesfield, Ohio (June 9, 2024)………Bryce Massingill led only one lap of Sunday night’s USAC Midwest Thunder SpeeD2 Midget feature at Ohio’s Waynesfield Raceway Park, but he made it count.

Massingill (Troy, Ohio) trailed racelong leader Ian Creager (Covington, Ohio) on the final lap.  Using lapped traffic to his advantage, Massingill made the winning move on the 20th and final lap to earn his third victory of the season.

In doing so, Massingill overtook ninth place finisher Cale Coons (Greencastle, Ind.) as the new series point leader.

Creager took second, just 0.657 seconds behind at the finish line.  Tate Martz (Rushville, Ind.) collected a third-place result while Kayla Roell (Dillsboro, Ind.) took fourth and Jakeb Boxell (Zanesville, Ind.) rounded out the top-five.




USAC MIDWEST THUNDER SPEED2 MIDGET RACE RESULTS: June 9, 2024 – Waynesfield Raceway Park – Waynesfield, Ohio

VMS MOTORSPORTS QUALIFYING: 1. Matt Lux, 5, Wells-13.168; 2. Stratton Briggs, 71, Briggs-13.301; 3. Jakeb Boxell, 44JB, Boxell/Merkler-13.597; 4. Cale Coons, 63, Dooling-13.670; 5. Chett Gehrke, 10, Moore-13.691; 6. Bryce Massingill, 35, Massingill-13.714; 7. Gunnar Lucius, 22, Lucius-13.801; 8. Ian Creager, 36, Creager-13.814; 9. Tate Martz, 34, GMB-13.858; 10. Tyler Kalb, 32, Kalb-13.901; 11. Kayla Roell, 21, Fedorczyk-13.905; 12. Ryan Fleming, 11T, Taylor-13.913; 13. Luke Hall, 74, Heitmeyer-13.924; 14. Bryce Dues, 0H, Sniper-14.078; 15. Thomas Briggs, 10, Briggs-14.199; 16. Carl Peterson, 49p, Peterson-14.232; 17. Cole Morgan, 7m, Morgan-14.235; 18. Brayden Schwartz, 55s, Schwartz-14.242; 19. Ryan Moran, 01, Moran-14.247; 20. Page Perrine, 55, Perrine-14.332; 21. Larry Rice, 7R, Rice-15.233; 22. Keith Ousley, 14, Ousley-15.944; 23. Andy Martin, X, Martin-16.261; 24. Jason Shaffer, 40, Shaffer-17.331; 25. Alex Watson, 3E, Watson-NT.

PERFORMANCE ELECTRONICS FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Bryce Massingill, 2. Jakeb Boxell, 3. Stratton Briggs, 4. Bryce Dues, 5. Ryan Fleming, 6. Brayden Schwartz, 7. Page Perrine, 8. Keith Ousley. NT

STIEFEL’S HOME & AUTO SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Carl Peterson, 2. Kayla Roell, 3. Ryan Moran, 4. Gunnar Lucius, 5. Thomas Briggs, 6. Cole Morgan, 7. Andy Martin. NT

HOOSIER AUTO RACING FANS THIRD HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Ian Creager, 2. Tate Martz, 3. Luke Hall, 4. Matt Lux, 5. Cale Coons, 6. Tyler Kalb, 7. Chett Gehrke, 8. Alex Watson, 9. Larry Rice. NT

FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Bryce Massingill, 2. Ian Creager, 3. Tate Martz, 4. Kayla Roell, 5. Jakeb Boxell, 6. Carl Peterson, 7. Matt Lux, 8. Stratton Briggs, 9. Cale Coons, 10. Alex Watson, 11. Ryan Fleming, 12. Tyler Kalb, 13. Luke Hall, 14. Brayden Schwartz, 15. Chett Gehrke, 16. Cole Morgan, 17. Page Perrine, 18. Keith Ousley, 19. Larry Rice, 20. Andy Martin, 21. Ryan Moran, 22. Thomas Briggs, 23. Gunnar Lucius. NT

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-19 Ian Creager, Lap 20 Bryce Massingill.

USAC MIDWEST THUNDER SPEED2 MIDGET POINTS: 1-Bryce Massingill-259, 2-Cale Coons-244, 3-Jakeb Boxell-244, 4-Ian Creager-211, 5-Tate Martz-211, 6-Matt Lux-187, 7-Stratton Briggs-184, 8-Ryan Fleming-181, 9-Cole Morgan-167, 10-Brayden Schwartz-144.

NEXT USAC MIDWEST THUNDER SPEED2 MIDGET RACE: June 14, 2024 – Millstream Speedway – Findlay, Ohio



VMS Motorsports Fast Qualifier: Matt Lux

Rosewood Machine & Tool Qualifying Bonus: Matt Lux

Performance Electronics First Heat Winner: Bryce Massingill

Stiefel’s Home & Auto Second Heat Winner: Carl Peterson

Hoosier Auto Racing Fans Third Heat Winner: Ian Creager

Performance Powder Coating Hard Charger: Alex Watson (23rd to 10th)

Rosewood Machine & Tool Precision Move of the Race: Ian Creager

Lynn Cook Hard Luck Award: Gunnar Lucius

Competition Suspension Inc. Gift Certificate: Jakeb Boxell

Impact Gift Certificate: Matt Lux

Saldana Race Products Certificate: Alex Watson